Rasta Pipes

Hand pipes have been one of the staple devices in the glass pipe industry for a long time and the basics and designs change everyday. While some may prefer a bong or dab rig instead, hand pipes provide the convenience and capability of taking it anywhere you go, keeping it as discreet as possible. 

Benefits of the Rasta Pipe

With the vibrant Rastafarian themed colors throughout it's body, the Rasta glass pipe is sure to become the go to for the herb and tobacco smokers .The many features include a carb hole and an easy cleaning surface design. 

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  • Molecule Pipe by Swerve Glass

    Unique molecule design Flawless wig wag design with dichro millie Comes in two awesome colors Slim design looks great even when not in use Made in California by Swerve Glass...
  • 4" Mini Rasta Water Pipe

    Height: 4 inches Percs: Diffused Downstem Glass Thickness: 3mm Borosilicate Glass Shipped within 24 Hours. Mini Rasta Water Pipe Height: 4 inches Glass Thickness: 3mm Glass Joint Size: 8mm Bowl...
  • Rasta Dychro Glass Pipe

    4 Inches Carb Hole: Left Side Double-Walled Glass Product Overview Little pipes can pack a huge punch, and this piece by Glob Squad Glass is no exception. It boasts a...
  • Rasta Colored Gas Mask Bong

    Real gas mask with bong attachment Durable acrylic bong included Easy to detach and clean Height: 12” High grade silicone mask Removable metal bowl Adjustable head straps Gas Mask Bong...
  • Dab Container and Tool Holder - Rasta

    Dab StationDab Container and Tool Holder - Rasta This dual dab station is non-stick and comes equipped with dabbing tool
  • Rasta Beaker Bong by AMG - 10" Tall

    Diffused down stem for simple, dependable diffusion Classic beaker shape is easy to clean Your choice of White, Black, or Clear Glass Thickness: 5mm Borosilicate Glass Height: 10” Bowl: 14mm...
  • Rasta Confetti Pipe

    Height: 5 inches Percs: -- Glass Thickness: 5mm Borosilicate Product Overview There’s a party animal in all of us...a 20 past 4 party animal! Personify that party animal with this...
  • Double Chamber Rasta Water Pipe

    Double Chamber Rasta Water PipeDouble Chamber Rasta Water Pipe Dome percolators inside each chamber Includes a 14mm Bowl Piece and 14mm Downstem.
  • Rasta Wig Wag Hammer Bubbler by Glob Squad

    Rasta Wig Wag Hammer BubblerRasta Wig Wag Hammer Bubbler Height: 7" inches Glass Thickness: 4mm Borosilicate Glass Made in the USA by Local Home Grown Glass Blowers. Reverse Colors along...
  • Rasta Leaf Beaker by AMG

    Diffused downstream for simple, dependable percolation Classic beaker shape is sturdy and easy to clean Glass Thickness: 6mm Borosilicate Height: 13” Bowl: 14mm Joint: 18mm Includes: Matching dry herb bowl...
  • Rasta Glass Pipe

    Rasta Glass PipeRasta Glass Pipe Length: 5 inches This Glass Pipe fits comfortably in your hand and houses a big bowl for packing. Perfect for the on the go smoker...
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