Diamond Knot Quartz Loop Banger

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The Diamond Knot Quartz Loop Banger will change the way you smoke. The thick and durable glass below the knot of the banger slurps up the oil, which gives you a smooth rip with oils. The quartz allows you to heat up the banger at the perfect temperature to ensure a milky smoke. Watch as this thing recycles the oil back into the quartz knot for more heat retention and a milkier hit.  Get the most out of each dab with the quartz loop banger, no longer will you have to worry about oil spilling into the rig and getting wasted.

This Diamond Loop Banger is the newest innovation in quartz banger designs. This banger nail features a truly unique design made specifically for maximum flavor. You heat up the quartz banger by the knot section like you would any other quartz nail and then the magic happens. Once you place your concentrates into diamond knot watch as it's vaporized into thick tasty vapor! The loop portion of this nail recycles your unvaped oil back to the diamond knot to ensure no amount of oil is ever wasted. This loop quartz banger also includes a carb cap made specifically for this type of quartz banger. This looping effect increases heat retention and flavor. Get the most out of every dab with this diamond knot loop quartz banger, never worry about wasting your dabs again!


  • Joint Size: 14mm Male & Female
  • Joint Angle: 90 Degrees
  • Includes: Diamond Knot Banger & Matching Carb Cap

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