Proto Rocket Pipe

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The Proto Pipe has been improved by its original creator and is now called the Proto Rocket Pipe. Same high quality materials just improved. This is an authentic product and is from Wilits, CA. Don't be fooled by the cheap imitation pipes. 

The Proto Rocket Pipe’s popularity is acclaimed internationally for it’s flawless design and it’s life longevity. There really is no reason to buy another pipe or accessory once you own a proto pipe, because it comes equipped with all features needed to enjoy, maintain and clean this beautiful masterpiece.

The portability of the proto rocket pipe is another key feature, sizing at only 3 ½ inches long, it’s a perfect pipe for keeping anywhere imaginable, whether it’s in your pocket or purse, the proto pipe’s brass structure and strength will withstand any form of obstruction, allowing you to be able to enjoy a full and healthy smoking experience.

The Proto Pipe History

The Proto Pipe is an iconic American pipe, created in the 1960’s and patented in the summer of 1980 in Willits, California, where it’s still currently produced. Owning a Proto Pipe shows appreciation to the Patriotic American Heritage of craftsmanship and the smoking industry. Badass Glass is proud to carry this American classic and offer it to our valued customers. Enjoy a piece of American history with this one of a kind homegrown and brass made pipe.


  • Length: 3.5 Inches 
  • Includes: ProtoPipe, Stash Area, and Poker

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