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The Banger Hanger Recycler is the perfect flavor saving dab rig. This rig features an excellent recycling function so you can take as big of a hit without suffering any splash back. In a world full of clear, geometric scientific rigs, be different with the 5” Banger Hanger Recycler by Diamond. Vapor begins its journey down the 3-hole diffused stem, into the base where it's carried through tubes to two more chambers before reaching the mouthpiece. Despite this dab rig's compact size, all the extra tubing and chambers maximize surface area, cooling the vapor before it reaches your lungs. That makes for a big, smooth hit from a deceptively small piece.

Recyclers are some of the best dab rigs because they don't cause splash back. At the top of its cycle, water filters neatly back to the base of this banger hanger. Pick from one of three colors: Teal, Space Gray, and Pink. The colors look great with the included 14mm quartz banger nail, but lend well to customization if you plan to change it out.

You don't need to pay a fortune to get a quality rig, and this piece proves the point. With downstem diffusion AND recycling, you can't afford not to get this rig. We guarantee it'll change the way you think about small rigs with our 100% money back guarantee. 

  • Height: 5 inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • Recycling delivers optimum flavor.
  • Three hole diffused stem for a consistent pull. 
  • Includes: 14mm quartz banger
  • Made by Diamond Glass


  • Angled Mouthpiece - The mouthpiece is angled perfectly to conform better to your lips and create a nice air tight seal that is comfortable and easy to use.
  • Hand Grounded Smooth Joint - Instead of having the rough ground glass joint, this joint are extra smooth so that your nail or bowl piece will glide smoothly without getting stuck in the joint.
  • Recycler Design - This will send the water back through the percolator without splashing up.
  • Banger Hanger Design - This rig features a banger hanger design which is essentially an upright female joint that is designed to be used with a quartz banger. Banger hangers have become very popular due to their simple yet effective design.

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