El Fumo Glass Pipe

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A top-selling bowl here at Badass Glass, the El Fumo Glass Pipe is a truly knockout piece of glass. At an exceedingly affordable price, you’ll wish you’d purchased this piece long ago! The carb is located on the left side, and the pipe measures 4” in length. Don’t miss out on a fantastic new spoon pipe! Every package arrives in discreet packaging--never worry about ordering glass again! 


  • Fumed Glass - Fumed Glass is often made with real gold or silver fumes to give it that metallic look and beautiful gold or silver finish.
  • Thick Glass - Thick glass means it is thicker than standard and has a nice heavy feel to it for added durability.
  • Spoon Design - The spoon design is your most classic design for a pipe, it resembles a spoon with a mouthpiece on one end and a bowl on the other side.
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