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Best High Songs of 2019

Best High Songs of 2019

Whether you are high on life, caffeine or smoking. We got some of the best high songs of 2019. Music and smoking, no two things go better hand and hand than a nice feel and great music. It's all kinds of fun to get high with your friends, but without the right playlists, it doesn't feel quite right. The little, magical world you enter when you get high goes perfectly with a chill tune at the end of daylight, or a banger at the start off the night, music is essential to creating a good high. These following songs make a high playlist a highlight of the night and give you a whole new meaning to smoking. These are the best high songs 2018.

White Iverson - Post Malone

A personal favorite song to listen while high, "White Iverson" is song creates a relaxing environment with the beat built around a simple arrangement that features a lush, ambient synth pad over a synth bass kick and a trap-style hip-hop beat. There is also some clever vocal manipulation that uses Post's sampled vocals as a choir instrument in certain parts of the song. All of this adds the euphoria needed to enjoy your high and almost visualize the mood the song provides as it stays consistently groovy. All of this combines to make "White Iverson" one of the best high songs.

Sound & Color - Alabama Shakes

Not a traditional smoker song but it still makes a huge impact. Sound & Color by the Alabama Shakes introduces a unique change to "Soul music" label that followed the band and produces a strange, mystical and unexpected record with traces of several artist like Curtis Mayfield and the Strokes. This is stadium soul with one eye peeking toward another galaxy while hands and feet and throats desperately try to suss out life here on Earth. This song talks about new beginnings and being able to see things through a new light in "Sound" and "Color". Much like smoking unleashes your creative side and allows you to see things in a different light, this song does much of the same with the soothing instruments and the wonderful and mesmerizing voice of Brittany Howard. Add this to your "Smoker Songs 2018" and you'll have a . great song to smoke to.

Champagne Supernova- Oasis

An oldie but goodie. This song is a fan favorite and a must have on any getting high playlist. It's a classic move that's just part of growing up and finding a song that is both memorable and soothing. Most of their songs were written while high, which in turn tends to make them the best songs to listen to. You don't have to be high on anything to enjoy an Oasis song like "Champagne Supernova., but it sure does help you understand the meaning of the song and enjoy it while it soothes you with the guitar and picks you up with the rock n roll bridge.

Stay High - G-Eazy

An older classic from G-Eazy's first Album "Must Be Nice" reminds us how fun it is to get high. "Ridin through the city, rollin' up sticky/A bad bitch with me and we both getting trippy/Man I'm sippin on brown, 'till I might drown /I'm high and I'm never comin 'down /Stay high all day." This hook just describes the beauty of getting high and enjoying life through the eyes of your more creative and expressive alter ego. G-Eazy is well known for living a wild life and his ode to the smokers only makes him more of a smoker favorite and a bad ass song to listen to while high.

Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe - Kendrick Lamar

Speaking of badd ass songs, we have to mention the king of rap right now.Arguably one of the first songs to get Kung Fu Kenny on the map, this song has quickly become a classic. This song is an anthem for a smoker who just wants to unwind, spark up, and just enjoy life. One of Kendrick's slower songs, you can bop to the beat or slouch and enjoy the high.

Self-Care - Mac Miller

What better way to remember the Kid (RIP Mac) than by adding this to your "high songs 2018" playlist. From Mac Miller's newest album comes one of the most classic songs of 2018. Self-care has it all, a deep message, a groovy feel, and powerful yet soothing synths. This song has unique feel that makes you either wanna smoke lazily or get ready to do some damage in the city on a Friday night.

Smoke 2 Joints- Sublime

The smoker's anthem, a song in just about every smoker's playlist but you can't blame anybody for listening to this Rasta sunshine track when they're taking rips of a bong. The whole song describes the beauty of smoking, if you're not smoking when you listen to this song, you'll certainly crave it.

KOD - J.Cole

The first song of J.Cole's album, KOD has a trippy vibe to it, making it an ideal best high song. The whole album talks about the influence of money and drugs on the youth and how poisonous it can be if it becomes an obsession. While the song has a lively beat to it, this song is still perfect for unwinding after a long day and just enjoying a quiet night smoking.

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