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What to do When Your Partner Doesn't Smoke

What to do When Your Partner Doesn't Smoke

There’s nothing better than sharing what you love with the people you love, and smokers are no exception. Partaking in our favorite pastime is made better with the addition of friends and those you feel you can truly be your most authentic self with. For some, winding down after a long day with a little bit of herb and your partner sounds like pure joy, but what if there’s trouble in paradise. Smoking isn’t for everyone, and we support everyone’s choice to do as they please.

No is a complete sentence. That being said, how do you proceed in a relationship with someone who does, or doesn’t, smoke. While some potential partners may just be genuinely uninterested, others may be staunchly opposed for personal reasons. If you’ve reached a rocky point in your relationship due to one half’s relationship with smoking then it’s time to sit down and have a conversation with your significant other.

We adore sharing with our loved ones and recommend taking this time to educate your partner on why you choose to smoke, or vape. Some use it to ease pain from work or chronic illness and others may use it to alleviate anxiety. Some may just like to have a chill smoke sesh and use it recreationally. All are valid, but you need to communicate this with your partner. Their reasoning behind being opposed to it may also be valid. 

That’s not to say that there’s no amount of compromise if you choose to continue seeing each other. Not at all, and we have some options we suggest trying out a little further below. You just have to understand that this is a deeply personal choice, and you can still care genuinely for someone while recognizing you’re not romantically compatible. Likewise, that you can come to an agreement that makes everyone happy.

Valid Concerns

These are some common issues brought up in romantic relationships when one partner doesn’t smoke. Remember that you can always speak with your partner and it’s possible to come to a compromise. If anything out there is worth it, it’s love.

Personal Finances

Combining finances is often a big step in the relationship you’re building together. If your partner doesn’t know upfront how much you spend from smoking, it may be hard for them to justify it. Take this time to let them know how you justify it and if you feel they make some good points, maybe do a trial run of x amount less per month and see how you feel. It may not work for you, and that’s okay. Just keep the communication open, and never say you didn’t try.

Health Implications

It goes without saying that your significant other cares deeply about you. Smoking is harmful and they are also impacted by smoke if you choose to do so in their presence or in common areas. That is a fact, but some may feel it is beneficial in other ways that outweigh other health factors. If accessible, you could also try edibles. There are ways to get around combusting, and even vaping, but if their issue is the product itself, it may be time to get back into the dating scene.

The Smell

As smokers, we get all giddy when we smell that familiar something in the air. You catch yourself smiling and looking around to find where it’s coming from. While it's fun for us, it’s nauseating to others. A lot of us even felt that way before we tried it. The smell was unpleasant and for some, it’s a deal breaker. It can hang on clothes and hair, but is easily fixed with the right amount of effort.


Some don’t abstain from smoking because they choose to, but rather their line of work does not allow for consumption. Career fields like healthcare, education, and military often have no tolerance. Some may worry that they will be affected by second hand smoke that could get them let go. It’s valid, but relationships like this coexist everyday, so you just need to see if it can work for you.

Can Affect Sex

Everyone reacts differently when they smoke and while some say it increases satisfaction, it can be detrimental to the sex lives of others. Many may not think it’s that big of a deal, but if a partner can’t perform after smoking, and they smoke multiple times throughout the following? There have been several studies on the subject, and while nothing is definitive, sex can be a big part of relationships.


Here in 2020, smoking is not as polarizing as it used to be, but for some herb is still negative. If you’re willing to meet in the middle with your partner, it’s likely to make your relationship even stronger. In many cases switching to using vape pens and dab pens, as well as eating edibles and other infused products rather than light up up a joint for a smoke sesh is enough to make a partner feel better about your use.

It’s okay if one half of the relationship chooses not to smoke, you just have to be certain that they fully accept you. Please don’t try to convince a partner if they don’t agree with you after you’ve explained yourself. If you choose to part ways, you can always check out some 420 friendly dating sites like High There for like minded individuals you won’t have to have these conversions with. Best of luck in the love game.

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