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Waxmaid Horn Review

Waxmaid Horn Review


Waxmaid Horn Silicone Bong Review

Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy to judge how much smoke is in a silicone bong, causing some smokers to shy away from silicone pipes. For those who want the resilience of silicone without sacrificing the convenience of a glass chamber, the Waxmaid Horn presents the ultimate compromise. Sound interesting? We put this unique bong through its paces in today’s Waxmaid Horn review so you know if this pipe is a good investment or just a half-baked idea.

Waxmaid Horn Review Details

Waxmaid is known for their attention to detail and quality assurance. It was no surprise, then, that the Waxmaid Horn we reviewed met all quality standards. Out of the box, this pipe comes with a tag of authenticity which assures you that the silicone was made BPA-free and FDA approved. You won’t get that from shady Chinese silicone.

All edges are smooth, with no annoying raised seams like you may find on lesser silicone pipes. A removable silicone sheath protects the 3mm-thick borosilicate glass horn. The diffused downstem is also made of high-grade silicone, though the included hitter piece is made from glass. No expense was spared here, either, as the bowl piece is thick and includes a frosted glass bottom for better friction within the downstem.

Unlike other Waxmaid pipes, which are made almost entirely out of silicone, the Horn’s clear glass chamber is still somewhat exposed to the elements. Drop it at the wrong angle and it still may break. The benefit of keeping a glass chamber, however, is that you can better judge the size of your hit.

This curved glass chamber is what gives the Horn its name and also performs an important function. In addition to giving you a better idea of the size of your hit, the curved shape keeps you a good distance away from the bowl piece. It’s also comfortable to hold, and at 8.5” tall, the Horn can be stored almost anywhere.

Both the top and the base of this silicone bong are fully protected by silicone, as is the back of the piece. While it’s not technically “full coverage”, the Horn protects the most vulnerable parts of a bong with protective silicone that will save all but the clumsiest of smokers.

Waxmaid Horn Pros

Here are our favorite features of the Waxmaid Horn:

  • Waxmaid only uses the best materials to make their pipes, and the Horn is no different. Expect BPA-free silicone and thick borosilicate glass.
  • All parts, including silicone sheath, are easy to remove, clean, and replace.
  • The downstem actually has four holes at the bottom, giving you an added layer of diffusion not typically found in silicone bongs.
  • The downstem also reaches to the bottom of the glass chamber, allowing you to use as much or as little water as you like.

  • This silicone bong’s price is unbeatable. Perfect for any budget.
  • At 8.5” tall, the Horn is the perfect size for the hand and a hearty hit.
  • Due to its unique size and design, the Horn looks awesome when you take a rip. You get a “window” into the piece through the central glass chamber. This combination looks awesome combined with the huge variety of available colors.

Waxmaid Horn Cons

Here are our biggest complaints about the pipe:

  • The point of using a silicone pipe is to protect it from breaking. If you’re like us, bongs and bowls have a tendency to slip out of your hand or get knocked over after a few hits. That’s why we don’t love the Horn’s unprotected “belly”. Due to its curve, the convex center of the glass is subjected to the elements, including hardwood and tile floors. While it’s more likely to survive a tumble than a piece made entirely of glass, there’s still a chance it may break.
  • Waxmaid has made bongs with suction cup bottoms before, but the Horn isn’t one of them. We think that’s a huge missed opportunity for this oddly-shaped bong, especially considering our first complaint.

The Final Score: 8.5/10

This fun and funky silicone bong fits easily in anyone’s collection. Affordable on any budget and made from the highest quality materials, you know you’re getting a good deal on a bong that will last for years. The Waxmaid Horn is easy to use, clean, and assemble, and is easy to store or carry with you. It also hits smooth with a sizable chamber and functional design.

At the end of the day, that’s what we all want from a simple daily driver like this bong. Just be aware that the Waxmaid Horn isn’t as resilient as its all-silicone counterparts before making your final decision.

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