Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and whether you’re in love, or in a serious relationship with yourself, we’ve got you covered with some gift ideas that pair perfectly with flowers. Studies show that those who smoke herb have about 20% more sex on average, so give a gift worth getting that’ll ignite a passion in you both. For those who have no need for teddy bears, Badass Glass carries a wide selection of premium bongs, dab rigs, and pipes that are sure to take your love to higher places. 

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Pink Bear Bowl

Pink Bowl - Teddy Bear


I know we said this guide is for those without the need for stuffed animals, but won’t this pink teddy bear bowl look adorable stuffed with green? If your partner has a soft spot for all things cute and cuddly, this is the bowl for them. Made of thick glass, there’s plenty of room inside to pack a fat bowl fit for two, or one!


69 Ceramic Pipe

69 Ceramic Pipe


For those of you who want to be very explicit about how your Valentine’s Day is ending, we have the perfect bowl to help them get the picture. This ceramic pipe is sculpted and detailed to look like everyone’s favorite position, the infamous “69”. At 9 inches long, they may think they can’t handle your pipe, but the extended smoke path really cools it down for an easy toke.


Eggplant Pipe

Eggplant Pipe

 If our last option was a little too forward, we have something a little more subtle for you. Made by Empire Glassworks to look like your favorite emoji, the eggplant pipe is a plump metaphor for your, well, you know. Whip it out, and have a laugh before lighting up. Give it to your girlfriend, your boyfriend, or your best friend who won’t be getting any this February 14th.* 

*Intended ONLY for smoking



His and Her Double Bubblers
His&Hers Double Bubbler
What better way to give a gift than to get one for yourself too! These His & Hers double bubblers are the perfect treat for any couple. Two chambers for double the water filtration makes for an incredibly smooth hit. The gold fume inside the pink glass creates an amazing rose gold that will delight anyone. When held to the light, the Rainforest bubbler shows all the colors of the jungle while you smoke some tropical herb.


Baby Bottle Rig

Baby Bottle Rig


We’ve got the perfect gift for your “baby”. The Baby Bottle Rig by Diamond Glass is sure to be a fun gag gift you can both enjoy. Standing at just 6 inches tall, this small rig has a percolator inside made to look like a second baby bottle, and the top helps prevent splash back so you can really drink up that milky smoke.



Available in Pink, Blue, or Teal - 12 Inch Triple Honeycomb Bong

Triple Honeycomb Bong



Check out the 12-Inch Triple Honeycomb Bong for a gift that’ll really get them buzzing! This one foot bong has three layers of honeycomb percs for triple the smoke filtration. These hits are going to be smooth as honey, but there’s an ice catcher if you want to really cool things off. If not, it doubles as a splash guard so you can hit it hard with no worries.




Pink Percolator Bong by Diamond Glass Beaker

Pink Perc Bong by Diamond

Our standout piece on this list, at least to us, is this magnificent Pink Percolator Bong by Diamond Glass. This 10 inch bong really has it all at a great price. Your smoke will first travel through a diffused downstem, bursting bubbles into the beaker before traveling up and through the precision slit showerhead percolator. A splash guard above the perc makes it so no matter how hard you rip, no water will make it into your mouth. It even has an ice catcher to further cool your hits for the smoothest hit ever….and if pink isn’t your Valentine’s thing, we have a purple version that rips just as hard!

Remember - Love isn't a competition.

...but I think you’ll give the best gift.

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