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The Most Popular Types of Dab Rigs in 2018

The Most Popular Types of Dab Rigs in 2018

Looking for the latest and greatest dab rig designs to spruce up your collection? Dabbing is still relatively new, so new ways to enjoy waxes and oils are still evolving. Get caught up with the latest trends with our top choices for the most popular types of dab rigs in 2018. These rigs represent the best innovations in dabbing to date.


Recyclers aren’t exactly new, but recently their popularity has reached a fever pitch. Dabbers in the know just can’t get enough of these complex pipes. Incyclers are a newer type of dab rig that act similarly to recyclers.

Why are recyclers and incyclers so popular? Simply put, recycling chambers are both highly functional and beautiful to behold. It works like this: water is constantly “recycled” between chambers during a hit. This flow of water rapidly cools smoke and provides further filtration for a smoother rip. When you stop pulling, water in the recycling chamber drains into the main chamber with a mesmerizing cyclonic display.

Incyclers work similarly, but don’t require an exterior chamber. With incyclers, water bubbles up the main chamber and into the interior incycler chamber, funneling back down into the main chamber with the same cyclonic effect. Recyclers and incyclers are real crowd pleasers that are perfect for parties. Everyone will want to try a dab from these cool rigs.


Let’s all pour one out for the broken rigs in our past. No matter how careful you are, everyone has accidentally broken a beloved glass rig. In response, silicone has become one of the most popular types of dab rig for the everyday smoker.

Resistant to heat, shock damage, cracking, scratching, and warping, silicone is almost indestructible and has a lot to offer the smoking community. It’s not just dab rigs, either. Bowls, bubblers, and bongs are prime candidates for silicone, too. That’s because silicone can effectively replicate any part of a traditional glass piece (except for the nail or bowl). Since it’s so easily molded, silicone rigs are also cheaper than their glass counterparts.

Sick of breaking your expensive glass rigs? Silicone is the best type of dab rig for those who want to hedge their bets against gravity.


We’ve all heard of e-nails by now. The next evolution of this idea is the e-rig, an all-in-one dabbing tool that performs the jobs of both e-nail and rig. They are essentially ultra-compact rigs which function and can be used like vape pens.

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E-rigs come complete with their own nail and accompanying glass mouth piece. To get started, all you need to do is press a few buttons and wait for the nail to heat. Attach the mouth piece and take a dab as usual.

The appeal of e-rigs is obvious, and this type of dab rig is favored by on-the-go tokers and tech geeks alike. If you always need the latest gadgets, the e-rig is right for you. On the downside, e-rigs tend to be more expensive than traditional rigs and aren’t easy to fix when something goes wrong.

Nectar collectors

Be honest. As much as you may enjoy the ritual of dabbing, smoking from a traditional rig can be a chore. You need the rig, a nail, a dabber, and maybe a carb cap for good measure. Like e-rigs, nectar collectors aim to simplify dabbing down to just a few steps using one self-contained unit.

Nectar collectors feature a straw-like design with the mouthpiece on one end and an affixed nail on the other end. Heat the nail as usual, prepare a dab, then touch the nail to concentrate. Concentrates are vaporized on contact and inhaled through the straw. Be sure to prepare your concentrate on a heat-resistant surface.

Renowned for their portability, relative discretion, and ease of use, this type of dab rig is a must-have for quickie solo sessions.


Many people smoke flower before they begin dabbing, so it seems wasteful to just shelf old bongs and bubblers. In fact, any water pipe can technically be converted into a dab rig. All you need is a compatible nail to work with your favorite water pipe.

There are two ways to fit a nail to a bong. The first is the simplest. Since most bongs feature a female joint, you can buy a male nail in the same size, just as you would a dry flower bowl. Dab rigs typically feature vertical joints, however, to better contain loose concentrate and to provide better visibility for smokers. That may cause problems if your male nail is at an awkward 45-degree or 90-degree angle.

Another solution is to purchase an angled adapter. Such adapters fit into the bong’s angled, female joint while also providing a counter-angle male joint for a typical female dab nail. The result is an upright, vertical angle for your nail, despite the natural angle of the bong.

If you’re curious about dabbing but would like to try it first before committing, why not convert one of your existing water pipes? Conversion is also the perfect way to use your favorite pipe regardless of whether you’re smoking flower or concentrate.

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