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Product Review: Stemless Showerhead Waterpipe By Diamond Glass

For this review we collab-ed with beauty YouTuber and personality ShesLulu. I have seen and held this pipe never actually used it, but I can give you the facts then Lulu can give you her first hand thoughts.

Diamond Glass is a well known brand in the glass industry. They are so popular that there are actually a lot of fake Diamond Glass pieces out there, so be careful what you buy and make sure that it’s authentic. Diamond Glass offers high quality glass pipes and dab rigs. You can always expect a symmetrical design with flawless craftsmanship and high quality from DG. They offer some serious value for the quality they provide. All their pieces, mini or huge, have a great glass thickness and very effective function.

Today, the DG piece we are going to focus on is the Stemless Showerhead Waterpipe. This water pipe is on the smaller side, however it’s quality is not at all reduced because of its size. The glass thickness is amazing throughout, including the stem. It also includes a shower head perculator, that not only looks good but also makes every hit taste super good as well. A perculator basically cools down the smoke before it hits your lungs. Therefore you can smoke more without coughing up a lung (yay!). Every piece that I have with a perc I prefer over the ones I have without it.

Here are all the specs for this water pipe:

  • Height : 8 inches
  • Diameter: 38mm/60mm
  • Glass Thickness: 5mm Borosilicate Glass
  • Percs: Showerhead
  • Angle: 90 degree
  • Joint size: 14mm
  • Bowl Size: 14mm
  • Downstem: Stemless

“Do not judge a bong by it’s cover, this sh*t kicks a punch,” Lulu said about the piece. Check out her hilarious review below and don’t forget to subscribe to her channel as well.

If you’re interested in this piece or any other Diamond Glass pieces check them out our website. Our DG sometime sell out so get them while you can. You can also use the code LULU for 15% your entire purchase.

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