Ooze Pen Line Reviews

Ooze Pen Line Reviews

Oozelife has been providing customers with an enhanced vaping experience since 2007. The Michigan based company has a broad line of vaporizer pens excellent for use with concentrates and strive to continuously develop, “better-burning and longer-lasting” batteries without the inflated price. Today we run through a quick review of each Ooze pen to uncover their strengths and weaknesses. Should you go for the affordable Slim pen, the upgraded TWIST Pro, or the premium line of Fusion pens? Find out what works for you in our bottom line Ooze pen review.

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Ooze Slim Pen Review

This is Ooze’s cheapest and most simple pen, available for just $14.99. Featuring a small 280mAh battery that reaches a static 3.7V, the Ooze Slim’s greatest asset is its lightweight design and portability. It fits all 510 thread cartridges and has an 8 second auto shut off to avoid overheating. The battery life of this pen won’t last long, but bring the Ooze Slim with you on-the-go when you don’t want to bring your more expensive pen. Buttonless operation means you can hit this pen discreetly without needing to adjust settings or preheat.

The Bottom Line: This pen is fit as a back-up during travel since it’s so small and can easily slip in a bag or pocket. You should really save for a better pen, regardless if you’re just starting out or a heavy smoker.

Ooze Slim TWIST Pen Review

Coming in at just $19.85, the Slim Pen TWIST is only a bit more expensive than the Slim. We think the extra five bucks is well-spent when you consider the upgrades. The Slim TWIST model comes with variable voltage between 3.3V and 4.8V courtesy of a 320mAh battery. This battery will allow for extended outings where the original Ooze Slim Pen fell short. A new preheat mode helps when vaping thicker oils. Another big upgrade is with the charger. Instead of the plain USB charger that comes with the Slim, the Slim TWIST comes with a smart supercharge USB that works faster and helps prolong battery life. All that and more make this sturdy little vape pen a steal.

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 The Bottom Line: There are a lot of cheap vape pens out there, but not all of them are worth your time. The Slim TWIST is fool-proof to operate, features a hearty battery and sturdy construction alongside variable heat settings. What more could you want for $20?



Ooze Slim TWIST Pro Review

For $39.99, the Slim TWIST Pro kit offers all the features of the Slim Twist with the versatility to vape both oil and concentrate. This 320mAh battery pen kit comes with three dual quartz wax atomizers. This kit also comes with a silicone dab tool to help make life easier. In all, however, those are the only differences between the Slim TWIST and the Slim TWIST Pro. This model still features the same lackluster variable voltage settings, battery charger, and preheating mode as the Slim TWIST. 

The Bottom Line: Stick with the Slim TWIST if you’re only smoking pre-filled oil carts, and if you’re looking to start vaping concentrates, spend a bit extra for a better vaporizer.

Ooze Fusion Pen Review

The Ooze Fusion is a concentrate only vaporizer and is comparatively cheap to others on the market coming in at $49.99. The Fusion’s battery clocks in at 650mAh, a significant upgrade from the Slim Twist Pro, and offers three voltages; low - 3.6V, medium - 3.9V, and high - 4.2V. This battery is known to last for days at a time and charges up in just a couple hours.

This pen comes in a tidy little kit that expands on the accessories found with the Slim TWIST Pro. In addition to the supercharger USB and silicone dab tool, the kit includes three different coils; a dual quartz coil, a ceramic rod coil, and a donut coil. There is also an included silicone jar for easy concentrate storage. That’s a pretty handy setup no matter your experience level. The Fusion is simple to use, making it a great first pen for beginners. Press a single button to set your temperature and monitor temperature with the colored ring around the button.

The Bottom Line: The Ooze Fusion Pen is a solid value for those who want to vape on a budget. The kit includes everything you need including a variety of coils, a fast charger, and even some useful silicone tools. It’s one of the best, most dependable concentrate pens in its price range.

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