What is a Nectar Collector?

What is a Nectar Collector?

Bougie Honey StrawYou may have seen them in your local shop or online - these mysterious devices that slurp wax and oil up like a straw. They’re called Nectar Collectors and these unique dab rigs have pushed the limit of portable dabbing since their creation back in 2011, way before anyone had ever heard of an e-rig (Puffco Peak, 2018). These vertical vaporizers are designed to be held and used upright, gaining immediate popularity for their convenience. The original Nectar Collector inspired a wave of similar devices, sometimes called honey straws or dab straws, and through the years they have cemented their place in the dabbing world.

Lots of people use the name Nectar Collector to describe any vertical vaporizer, but this is actually incorrect. Nectar Collectors were the first of their kind, made by glass artist Kristian Merwin who patented and trademarked the design. Their name has become the Kleenex of this style of rig, with many other brands with similar designs being referred to as such. The name itself comes from the tip being shaped like a hummingbird's beak as it dips into a flower. 

How does a Nectar Collector work?

Dab straws are made of 3 parts: neck, body, and tip. Most of the time, all three parts are detachable and can be switched out with other parts - another factor that attracts glassheads. The neck and body can be made of either glass or silicone, but the tips, similar to a dab nail, can be either titanium, ceramic, or quartz depending on your preference. The pieces connect via their joint and can be assisted with the addition of a keck clip or joint wax.

Bougie Honey Straw

Honey straws can be used with or without water, but careful not to add water with the tip attached. Water in the tip when heated has the potential to crack the piece. Once you’re ready, with or without water, finish putting the device together and get your concentrate ready. You’ll need to place it in a high temperature tolerant wax dish or on a silicone dab mat.

Now you can carefully heat the tip of your Nectar Collector - it doesn't need to be red hot. Some don’t like the lack of temperature control that comes with using a dab straw, but you can still do the wrist test and take a safe, lower-temp dab with these devices. 

Once heated, simply dip the tip of the straw into the wax and inhale — A great feature of this design is that no material is wasted when using a Nectar Collector. You simply remove the tip from your concentrate when you are done inhaling, saving that precious wax that would have melted away in a normal banger style nail.

Fast Forward

Huni Badger Kit

In 2015, the Huni Badger debuted - the first electronic dab straw. It features a HOHM High Drain 18650 Battery and upped the game tremendously by removing that open flame aspect. People loved them, but these electronic devices still lacked the addition of water filtration. To remedy this missing piece, Nectar Collector teamed up with Huni Badger to create an official collab water attachment. The result was a perfect symbiosis. Check out 2 Chainz trying it out on his Viceland show.

These rigs, both electronic and not, are still wildly popular today in 2019. Their convenience is still unmatched, save maybe for a complete e-rig, and the flavor they can produce is next level. Reducing the amount of pieces needed to take a dab, and saving precious wax by having more control of your heat source, these dabbing innovations deserve their reputation. They’re in the same price range as a bong too, so it’s not an unreasonable amount to add one of these to your collection. We promise you won’t regret it.

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