Most Durable Bongs

Most Durable Bongs

Picture this, you're in the backyard with a group of friends, smoking and having a great time with your buds. Like most sessions go, you guys get distracted and you start talking about what you would do if you had superpowers. Your friend jimmy tries to show off his "super punching" and knocks down the bong. The piece shatters before your eyes, theres nothing you can do. You look at your friends in defeat and it is then that you realize something you've never realized before, when you look for a bong, you never really take durability into consideration, that is until today.

When a regular smoker looks for a new bong, he or she often look for all the bells and whistles offered by some of the top brands but the mistake smokers make is often finding a bong that is durable and sturdy, to prevent tragedy from the clumsiness that normally ensues a smoking session. Luckily, we have compiled a list of the most durable bongs and dab rigs in the market to prevent any tragedy and keep a session going for hours.


9mm Thick Beaker Bong By Diamond

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If you are a fan of beakers then this one will surely impress. Take a look at the crisp edges of the beaker, the perfect symmetry, beautiful lines, and insanely thick joint. This bong may look simple, but it packs quite a punch with its long neck and 9mm thick borosilicate glass build. This piece is built for durability and can make worrying about shattering a thing of the past.

Silicone Hybrid Bong


The silicone hybrid bong is well known due to its unbreakable silicone body and its versatility. The 100% BPA food grade silicone is safe to use and even more durable. The silicone body prevents it from ever shattering and the silicone is easily cleaned after any given session. The silicone bong is able to work with or without the shower-head perc and offering several removable features. The removable splash guard and the easily removable perc make this the bong easy to clean as well as easy to store in a safe or discreet place. 

Waxmaid Horn Silicone Glass Bong

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Staying on silicone, the waxmaid horn silicone bong shows us how silicone can  protect the glass body of a water pipe. Its simple and unique shape is covered with a silicone overcoat and down stem. This allows you to watch the glass fill up with smoke, while providing some protection against shattering the top and bottom of the piece. The removable waxmaid skin is removable, making it easy for you clean after use.

WS Smellchecker Stemless Glass Bong with Inline Perc

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 The sheer size of this piece will allow you to fill it with a vast amount of smoke.The sturdy wide base and down stem that doesn’t protrude and its overall stocky build allows you to always have this piece standing upright in a table. There is also plenty of lead way to fill the chamber up with ice. Due to the width of the chamber it is easy to take in a large pillar of smoke without even realizing it at first, so it is safe to say that this piece is not only nearly indestructible but also packs a huge punch.

The Original Tank Breaker

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 Crafted for durability and function, this is the bong that stays in your arsenal for years. You've seen the videos of people trying to break this baby with a hammer and coming to no avail. There is a reason this piece has "tank" in it.  the 9mm glass that covers the bong protects it form any clumsiness and the bottom of the piece is wide, allowing it to stand firmly on the table without having to worry about it toppling over.


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