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Magical Butter Machine - Edibles Made Easy

Magical Butter Machine - Edibles Made Easy

As herb continues to become legal across the country, edibles have exploded in popularity. It’s no longer just cookies and brownies anymore but a whole slew of medicated treats made to help you enjoy your herb in a different way. While everyone loves a good edible, what we don’t love is the process of getting them. If you’re not buying your edibles at a dispensary, where it could be costing you a small fortune, you’re making them at home, which is a tricky and time consuming process - not to mention the mess. 

In the past, considering the highly involved process of making infused butter the traditional way, even the most enthusiastic smokers wouldn’t bother, but now you can take out the frustration and use the Magical Butter Machine.

Magical Butter Machine

What is the Magical Butter Machine?

The Magical Butter Machine is the world’s first countertop botanical extractor with the ability to infuse the essence of any herb into butter, oils, tinctures, and more for your use. It’s about the size of a coffee maker and takes the hassle out of making edibles at home. Made with an immersion blender and combined with a programmable thermostat and heating unit, the machine does the work for you. Grinding, heating, stirring, and steeping, all at the correct times, your Magic Butter Machine does it all and keeps a constant temperature for the perfect batch.

How it Works

When using the Magic Butter Machine, the process start to finish, including decarb, takes a little under 3 hours. The machine can yield a minimum of 2 cups and a maximum of 5 cups - depending on how much butter you want to make. Here’s what you’ll need to get started.


  • 2-5 cups clarified butter
  • ¼-½ oz of bud per every one cup of butter used.
  • 1 tablespoon lecithin per every one cup of butter used.

Lecithin is a food additive used in this situation as an emulsifier. Using it in your butter allows the fats to better absorb certain important properties of your herb during infusion so it’s important not to forget it in your recipe.


Decarb Box from Magical Butter Machine

If you’ve made medicated butter before, you know that decarbing your herb a crucial step. Unfortunately the magic butter machine doesn’t do this part for you, but they do have a decarb device to help you do it at home! Their DecarBox is a food-grade silicone shell that will not only help keep the smell sealed away, but it will prevent the loss of certain plant compounds you want. It comes with an integrated digital thermometer to help calibrate your oven for a consistent temperature during the decarbing process.

  1. Pop your herb into the oven at 245 degrees Fahrenheit for about 40 minutes for it decarb properly. Don’t worry about breaking it up because the Magic Butter Machine has a blender built-in already.
  2. Once done decarbing, load the desired amount of clarified butter into the pitcher with the corresponding amount of bud and lecithin before closing the lid.
  3. Set the temperature on the machine to 160 degrees Fahrenheit, then select the “2 Hours/Butter” button and allow for the device to run it’s cycle.
  4. Once complete, turn off your machine and use the LoveGlove, which is heat and slip resistant, to pour the contents of the pitcher through the PurifyFilter (bye bye cheesecloth) and into your mold. 
  5. Place the molds into the fridge and let them solidify for around half an hour.

And that’s it. In those 5 easy steps you now have your own medicated butter at home. Now you’re able to use your butter in countless recipes to enjoy with breakfast lunch, dinner, and dessert.

Cleaning your Machine

Once you’re finished making your butter, you’ll need to clean your machine to make sure no plant material gets stuck inside once it dries. Don’t stress about this part because the Magic Butter Machine has a built-in self cleaning feature! Just rinse out the machine, fill it halfway with water and dish soap, and select the clean button. Walk away and the machine will clean itself. Better yet, do this part while your newly made edibles are in the oven!

The Magical Butter Machine is everything you need to make delicious infused treats at home. Whether you’re here to ditch the cheese cloth or you’re just getting into your butter making journey, the Magic Butter Machine is a great way to make delicious infused butter at home. If you’re interested in learning more about the machine, check out their site below.

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