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Lookah Q7 Review

Lookah Q7 Review

Lookah debuted their new Q7 portable e-nail vaporizer on their instagram back in March and right away we were eager to get our hands on it. The Q7’s patented quartz dish technology promised quality taste and a full flavor profile, while its compatibility with any water pipe seemed incredibly convenient for switching between your own collection or a friend’s. The promises were big, but the huge 2000mAh battery seemed up for the job. It’s been a few months now, but we finally have one in our hands and we’re going to be testing it out.

The Fine Details

This e-nail setup is compact. No wires or cords to worry about, which is a huge plus for me personally. It’s less than 4 inches tall and can easily be slipped into a bag or purse for easy transportation. As mentioned before, this powerful concentrate vaporizer has a 2000mAh battery with a fixed 3.7 voltage output, capable of keeping constant temperatures ranging from 200F to 750F for 60 seconds. 

The OLED screen display and temperature adjusting buttons are easy to navigate. The screen presents the battery life, set temperature, real temperature, and a timer, while below are simple + and - buttons for adjusting the set temperature. It’s designed to work as an attachment for any glass water pipe having a standard 14mm joint and an included 18mm cap that converts it. 

Included with purchase, in the box you will find the Q7, a dab tool, a micro USB cable for charging, a user manual, and the 18mm converter. Definitely read through the manual before use, but it’s pretty straightforward. Here’s the rundown.

How It Works - Easy!
  1. First, open the lid and load your wax into the quartz dish.

  2. Turn on the device with 5 clicks of the power button.

  3. Using the + and - buttons on the device, choose your desired temperature.

  4. Hold the power button for 3 seconds and it will vibrate, letting you know the preheat has begun.

  5. Once preheated the Q7 will vibrate again, indicating that it is at the set temperature and ready to hit. You will now have 60 seconds of continuous heat, noted by the bottom number on the OLED screen, before it will stop heating and return to standby mode.

Overall, these directions are clear-cut and easy to follow when using the device for the first time. The learning curve is low on the Q7 so you pick up on how it functions quickly. To see the device in action, check out the video below where High Society NV walks through the details before trying it out on camera.

Our Verdict

We’re loving it! While it’s definitely not going to replace my current daily driver setup, grabbing this nail and a small rig for travel is going to be a match made in heaven. I also think of the possibilities for friends who may not have rigs/torches, but do have flower pipes that I can now easily convert for all of us to use. The versatility of this device is unmatched in that respect.

I want to mention again that this nail has no wires attached! Accidents happen when cables are strung across the room and if you’re known to knock things over (me), this will be a blessing. Before the Q7, most “wireless” e-nails I’ve seen are just a battery base that requires you to buy an additional water pipe attachment. These aren’t able to give the maximum diffusion that a full size water pipe can.

The temperature control is easy to navigate and increases in increments of 5 degrees for an insane amount of temperature control. I feel a minute is more than long enough to take multiple rips and if it’s not, you can easily start the heating process again. It can handle the second use, but don’t continuously start the cycle or it could overheat.

Lookah’s Q7 is a great new addition to Badass Glass’ continuously growing catalog of products. After testing, we added the Q7 to our site with confidence and can’t wait for others to try it. Click the button below and order yours today!

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