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LoKey Battery V2 Review

LoKey Battery V2 Review

Bridging the gap between novelty and functionality, the LoKey Battery aims to be your first choice in portable, ultra-discreet vaping. The LoKey v2 is the second iteration of this battery, now offering 3 voltage settings and a slightly larger size. It’s designed like a key fob and certainly looks the part, but how does it perform? Keep reading as we consider the pros and cons of the LoKey Battery in our bottom line review.

The Good

LoKey Black

Charging the LoKey is made easy with a built-in USB charger hidden in the side of the battery like a Swiss Army knife. Pull it out and plug it in. We love that you can charge the LoKey anywhere without carrying an extra piece, but I am worried about the long term use. The charger is short and the device tends to hang from the outlet, but overall the ultra-discreet, easy-to-use, and self-contained design has a lot to offer the secret smoker. We give the LoKey a lot of credit for simplicity and you can pick it up for $30 or less in most smoke shops. 

Aptly named, the LoKey Battery is super low-key. The design is so convincing you may even grab the wrong key fob when headed out the door! Complete with a keychain loop, throw this battery on your keyring and go about your day. The cartridge is completely contained within the device so there’s no worry of hitting it off something and breaking. Simply press the side button to release the attachment port, fit for any 510 cartridges or atomizers. The LoKey is draw-activated for your convenience and can be set at 2.7V, 3.1V, or 3.6V with three simple clicks from the power button. The color of the button will correspond with the voltage color coated on the front and is easy to read.

LoKey Rainbow 

The Bad

Are you the type to throw your keys around? How many other keys and keychains will the LoKey contend with on your keyring? While designed as a key ring, if you unintentionally bang the LoKey around all day it will break. The outside feels weighted in your hand, but I can see how it could wear down over time. Inside the LoKey is a 350mAh battery, which is decent for the size, but takes twice as long as some others to fully charge. 

The Bottom Line

It doesn’t get much more discreet than the LoKey vape battery. Those looking for the most unassuming way to vape can stop their search. The simple design and fool-proof operation are exactly what you need for private, portable vaping. The only caveat is that you still have to treat the LoKey like a relatively delicate electrical device. Buy the LoKey if you think it will be safe to use on your keychain, i.e. your keys suffer no trauma throughout the day. This affordable battery is sleek and sure to keep things inconspicuous.

Gold LoKey

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