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Why Use a Drop Down?

Why Use a Drop Down?

Those unfamiliar with dabbing tend to find themselves asking what purpose these seemingly zig-zag attachments serve. While not as prevalent as they used to be, due to the standard of dab nail shifting to quartz bangers, drop downs can serve multiple functions to improve your dabbing setup. From protecting your rig's joint to keeping it clean, we’ve gathered all the info on drop downs and created one concise infographic to help teach you a little more about this versatile dabbing accessory. A text version is available below.
Drop Down Infographic


What is a Drop Down used for?

1. Reducing Heat Stress

When using nails that sit close to the joint of your rig, heat from your torch can transfer from the nail to the joint of your piece. Over time, this can lead to heat stress, or fractures and cracks that can eventually render your rig unusable. Drop Downs prevent this by putting distance between the nail and the joint.

2. Reclaim & Cleaning

When using a drop down, wax will naturally collect in the bottom of the tube for easy retrieval later. This reclaim can then be dabbed again or used in edibles, topicals or tinctures. Reclaim aside, drop downs help keep your rig clean by trapping wax and debris before it reaches your piece. You can then place the entire attachment in a cleaning solution.

3. Distance From Face

For some rigs, especially smaller ones, the nail can sit a little too close to your face for comfort. Using a drop down puts some distance between the nail/heat and your face while also giving you a better view of what you’re doing.

4. Versatility

As a bonus, drop downs can be used to change the size and/or gender of your joint for use with other attachments, nails, and bowls! This gives more options to customize your daily driver!

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