Girly Smoking Gifts & Accessories

Girly Smoking Gifts & Accessories

Check out the latest girly smoker gifts and the best ones this year. In honor of today being International Women’s Day and March being Women’s History Month we wanted to give some love to the lady smokers of the world. Female smokers is a growing demographic in the industry. And there are several women CEO’s and entrepreneurs in the industry that are causing a shift in how products and marketed and made. Even Whoopi Goldberg has a line of hemp based products.

Women are starting to treating the flowers like wine, and rightfully so! Let’s not even get started on women’s equality and rights. The point is women smoke flowers too and now luckily have products that are tailored specifically for us (yay!).


Pink Straight Shot Water Pipe by Bio Hazard

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Every lady smoker should have her own bong. Yea you can hit up that guy on Tinder to use his, but it’s so much better to have your own and not have to rely on that dud. A classic straight shot bong is great option for every level of user.This pink straight shot water pipe by Bio Hazard is may be pink but it’s definitely not small and dainty. Towering at 12 inches high and It features a unique diffused downstream that has slits going diagonally around the bottom of the stem for super smooth hits. It’s easy to use, easy to hit, and easy to clean.

Queen Vaporizer Pen by The Crystal Cult

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A vape pen called “The Queen”…yes please! The Crystal Cult was related by Olivia Alexander.  There blinged out vape pens when she realized how boring regular tap pens were. Each Crystal Cult vape pen features “Swarovski crystal stainless steel atomizer with adjustable air flow for dry flowers and wax concentrates”. These are a little pricey however completely worth it. They are high quality, can be used with herb and wax, and of course super duper sparkly.

Coconut Rig by Empire Glass

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Imagine sitting on a beach in a tropical country sipping out of a coconut with the sand in your toes and the sun on your face. Well you will almost get that same sensation with this beautiful and unique Coconut Rig by Empire Glass. The details on this piece are what make it so one of a kind and it’s size makes it super portable. I mean if you smoke out of it enough you can definitely elevate your mind to think you’re on a beachside vacation.

My Bud Vase

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If you are in a living arrangement or relationship that doesn’t really love the idea of you smoking, it can be kind of difficult keeping a huge glass water pipe or dab rigs under cover. My Bud Vase is not only a solution that type of problem, but also a really cool and creative way to smoke flowers. It’s a fully functioning water pipe that is has a vase like design so it’s practically disguised in plain view. They have a huge variety or shapes, sizes, colors, and designs so you can find one that can find your home and style easily.

Mini Cupcake Oil Rig

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This mini cupcake rig is super adorable! This rig stands at only 3.5 inches but it definitely packs a punch. It has a slotted stem percolator and even though this rig is small it still has the mouthpiece a well distance from the dome to keep you a safe distance from the heat. Unlike other rigs this small, it even uses a 14mm joint for better versatility with your collection of nails and accessories.


Dabbing may be kind of intense, but women do indeed dab. Pair the above mentioned mini cupcake dab rigs with this super dope princess themed dab mat by Miss Mary Jane Co. They have several awesome female inspired dab mats, including a Sailor Moon dab mat, but this one is by far my favorite. It it has Jasmine, Ariel, and Pocahontas all enjoy dabs by the beach in their flyest princess outfits.

Metal Lipstick Pipe

If you wants to toke on the go, but don’t feel like rolling a joint or a blunt and then loosing it in your purse you’ll love this mini metal lipstick pipe. It’s super portable and because it’s designed to look like a lipstick keeps your smoking super secret. Just don’t get it confused for your actual lipstick.

Spiral Glass Sherlock Pipe

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This a beautiful glass Sherlock style pipe with a spiral design sits perfectly upright, with the two small legs on the bottom to keep it from tipping over. For the classy feel and the smooth and flavorful hits, very few pipes are unmatched to this wonderful Sherlock pipe. Another perfect piece for toking on the go.

His and Hers Matching Glass Pipes

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If this isn't couple goals, chivalry is dead. This glass pipes are wonderfully crafted and custom designed to match your significant other. This little but effective pipe will win brownie points and have the girl in your life excited!

Pink Percolator Bong

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The pink percolator bong takes filtration to a different level, creating the smoothest and most flavorful hits. They work by forming tiny bubbles as the smoke passes through, which gives the water more surface area to interact with the smoke.The more surface area the water has to interact with the smoke, the more it will filter out all of junk and leave you with the smoothest vapor for inhaling.


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