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Debunking Common Myths About Dab Rigs and Bubblers

Debunking Common Myths About Dab Rigs and Bubblers

The rising use of dab rigs and bubblers is pretty apparent in the current society - you can find them both online and in your local headshop. In addition to remarkable aesthetics, these smoking accessories give you the ability to consume one joint in one puff - something that many cannabis consumers love and appreciate.

Now, as the dab rigs and bubblers continue to grow in popularity in the smoking community, of course, certain misconceptions come with them. These myths or half-baked facts create confusion among the users and are likely to impact a potentially great smoking experience, and thus, it is important to address them.

In this guide, we explore the common misconceptions regarding dab rigs and bubblers and provide clarity on their functionality and benefits. These insights will help you shop responsibly and ensure a more enjoyable and safer experience. That said, let’s get started!

Common Myths About Dab Rigs

Whether you are a regular user of the dab rig or you are just getting started to explore the goodness this tool provides, then you might have come across this common myth, which of course, can negatively impact your smoking experience:

Dab Rigs are Complicated to Use

For newbies, a dab rig is a device used to consume cannabis concentrates. It looks more like a pipe and is available for purchase in most local head shops. Now, one common misconception that people have regarding this tool is that it is complicated to use.

Well, this is all wrong because the process for using a dab rig is as straightforward as it can get. Usually, it works by vaporizing the concentrates at the right temperature by placing them inside the heated quartz banger. It is then covered with a cap to increase the heat and airflow inside, allowing you to inhale the dabs now. It's as simple as that!

Dab Rigs Always Produce Stronger Effects

Contrary to the myth, using a dab rig doesn't guarantee more potent effects. Usually, the intensity it will have will depend on factors such as the concentrate's potency and personal tolerance.

Usually, the vaporization of dab rigs is generally quick and efficient. However, it is vital to consider the quality of the concentrate and the user's experience. Novice users might find this highly overwhelming; therefore, it is critical to always start on small doses when consuming cannabis. Typically, the strength of the effects depends on other factors. A dab rig alone does not guarantee a more potent experience.

Dab Rigs are Expensive

Another common myth about dab rigs is that they are expensive, while in the real sense, they are not. Some rigs cost as low as $20, while others can go up to $300. So, you have a wide variety to select from in the market depending on the size, quality, and how well the dab rig has been made.

While price does not really matter when purchasing a dab rig, you want to ensure that the one you go for is made from heavy-duty borosilicate glass.

Common Myths About Bubblers

Here are the top myths about bubblers that you might encounter:

Bubblers are the Same as Bongs

We can all agree that bongs and bubblers have a really close resemblance. However, does this mean that they are similar? Absolutely not!

Both bongs and bubblers are water pipes used for smoking. The significant difference between them is that the bubblers are smaller and more portable. You can hold them in your hand and continue with the smoking escapades. Bongs, on the other hand, are large, and you can only use them when resting on a surface.

Additionally, bubblers are known to be highly versatile thanks to their combination of pipes and bongs. This gives users a smoother hit when smoking. Typically, the difference between bongs and bubblers is apparent in terms of size, portability, and functionality. Therefore, each has unique features that provide a distinct smoking experience.

Bubblers are Less Efficient than Bongs

Bubblers are not less efficient than bongs. Their compact size does not compromise effectiveness. These tools efficiently filter and cool smoke, delivering a satisfying and potent experience.

Bubblers Produce Weaker Hits

Well, the myth that bubblers can produce weaker hits is actually false. As a matter of fact, bubblers can deliver more potent hits compared to larger smoking devices.

Typically, bubblers are able to filter and cool the smoke through water effectively. You will, therefore, experience a smoother inhale. To ensure this, you need to choose a quality bubbler and utilize it correctly.

A well-designed bubbler ensures a better smoking experience and offers more robust hits than larger devices. Besides, the perfect water filtration system will provide a satisfying and powerful smoking experience when using bubblers.

Safety Considerations for Dab Rigs and Bubblers

Now, let us explore the essential safety considerations for dab rigs and bubblers. Here are some of the things you need to consider:

Importance of Using High-Quality Materials and Equipment

A dab rig or bubbler will only serve you right if the quality is up to the mark. When selecting one for use, go for the one made using premium materials such as borosilicate glass. Such has a low risk of breakage and will not release harmful substances during heating.

Another plus for using high-quality materials is that they resist extreme temperatures, which ensures that they last and serve you for a long time.

Investing in a well-crafted and reputable dab rig and bubbler, you are able to mitigate the hazards that come with inferior materials. This ensures that your health is in top shape and the equipment does not harm you when smoking.

Proper Maintenance, Cleaning, and Storage Practices

The significance of proper maintenance, cleaning, and storage practices cannot be overstated in ensuring the safety of dab rigs and bubblers. Thorough and regular cleaning helps prevent the build-up of resin and contaminants. It also effectively eliminates bacteria and mold that thrive well in residual moisture.

Proper storage, on the other hand, prevents accidental breakage and damage. This extends the lifespan of the equipment. Performing routine maintenance on the tools also extends their lifespan.

Understanding Temperature Settings and Avoiding Risks

Knowing the temperature settings is vital for safety when using dab rigs and bubblers. By understanding this, you prevent potential overheating on the equipment, which reduces the risk of burns and damage.

It would help if you also avoided excess temperatures so as to prevent the release of harmful substances from materials. When this is in check, you can enjoy a safe and controlled dabbing experience.

Recognizing Signs of Potential Issues or Malfunctions

As you perform regular maintenance, you will be able to identify potential problems early and deduce ways to prevent them from escalating, leading to costly repairs.

Dispelling myths regarding dab rigs and bubblers emphasizes that size does not determine how well the equipment will serve you. Other more significant factors such as potency and concentrate quality will. It is also essential to consider the safety practices mentioned for a safe and enjoyable time dabbing.

That said, get high-quality dab rigs and bubblers from Badass Glass. Check our website for the best equipment that will complement your smoking experience!

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