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Cottonmouth From Getting High Cure

Cottonmouth Cure - The Best Tips for Curing Cottonmouth

Let's start with what cottonmouth is. Cottonmouth is a term used to describe the dry mouth feeling you get from smoking or drinking alcohol.  It most commonly refers to the dryness you get from smoking. No need to freak out, you don't literally grow cotton from your mouth but have you ever ate a really dry brownie and almost choked to death from it being too dry? That's kind of what the feeling is like, so we wanted to help out by giving our favorite tips for relieving that dry mouth you get from smoking.

How to Get Rid of Cottonmouth?

Many people get cottonmouth from smoking something. Smoking is usually the prime suspect however, you can also get cottonmouth from prescription drugs such as adderall and caffeine as well. But regardless of how you consume it, whether it is through a vape or a swisher sweet you are still not safe from getting cottonmouth.

Your eyelids are low, your head feels light, and your tongue is stuck to the roof of your mouth. Congratulations, you're smoked out! Unfortunately, you're also suffering from cottonmouth. From gum to Gatorade, every smoker has their own home remedy, but why does smoking give you cottonmouth in the first place? Is there any way to avoid cottonmouth?

These are questions asked by smokers through the ages, and this article is finally here to dispel the myths and give some science-backed advice.

Cottonmouth Basics

In case there was any confusion, cottonmouth is when your mouth dries up like a desert after consuming dry herbs. Cottonmouth is annoying at best and can make it difficult to talk and swallow at worst. Everyone is affected differently, so while some people barely notice cottonmouth, others are running for the fridge.

Contrary to popular belief, cottonmouth is not the result of hot smoke drying the inside of your mouth. While that does contribute to the problem, it's not the main reason it causes cottonmouth. In fact, eating, vaping, or dabbing your legal herbs still gives you cottonmouth. What gives?

Why Does Smoking Cause Cottonmouth?

This is where things get technical. It turns out that cottonmouth is the result of a complex chemical reaction between your body and herbs. We'll try to keep it simple.

It all starts with spit. Saliva keeps our mouths lubricated, making it easier to eat and talk. Spit also performs other useful tasks like remineralizing our teeth and combating bacteria that causes bad breath. Thanks, spit!

Saliva is produced by hundreds of salivary glands throughout the mouth. The submandibular glands (found at the base of your jaw) are responsible for producing most of your saliva, and also happen to have receptors. No matter how you smoke, these receptors become activated and the submandibular glands reduce production of saliva. The resulting cottonmouth isn't dangerous or cause for concern, even if it is uncomfortable.

In addition to this internal reaction, inhaling smoke makes cottonmouth worse. Smoke is made of fine, hot ash, which coats the inside of your mouth when you inhale. That said, cottonmouth can't be avoided by drinking.

Best Remedies to Cure Cottonmouth

There's no “cure” for the cottonmouth caused by smoking, but there are better and worse ways to quench your thirst.

Chew Gum. Some sticklers for oral hygiene suggest strictly chewing sugar-free gum, but we say live a little! Chew whatever gum tickles your fancy, especially sweet or sour flavors. Chewing increases saliva production, as does the strong flavor of most gums. Gum will also treat bad breath, a common side-effect of dry mouth.

Best Drinks for Cottonmouth: Drink water or tea. This one seems obvious but it can be hard to avoid other tempting drinks like soda, beer, or juice. Sadly, those beverages only serve to make you thirstier. Avoid alcoholic, sugary, or caffeinated beverages when you're suffering from cottonmouth. Sip water or tea to keep hydrated and combat dry mouth caused by smoking.

Keep hard candies around. We're talking Jolly Ranchers, Lifesavers, Nerds, Tic-Tacs... keep a handful of your favorite hard candy around for an enjoyable way to treat cottonmouth. The strong sweet and sour flavors in candy are enough to throw your salivary glands into overdrive no matter how much you smoked. Just be sure to brush your teeth when you're done.

Use common sense. If cottonmouth has you down, don't add to the problem by eating salty foods or smoking tobacco.

Other Reasons for Cottonmouth

The cottonmouth experienced after smoking is usually mild. If you experience severe cottonmouth, or have dry mouth before or after smoking pot, something else may be amiss. Before you blame the flower, there are some other reasons people experience dry mouth.

Dehydration is the most common and obvious reason. If all your beverages come from a can that advertises how jacked you'll be after drinking it, you may want to throw some water in the mix. The same can be said for all the coffee addict out there.

Certain medications can also cause dry mouth as a side-effect. Anti-histamines, for example, are notorious for causing dry mouth. Medications for anxiety and depression are also known to cause cottonmouth, among many others.

Smoking cigarettes is another common cause of cottonmouth. In fact, even chewing tobacco dries out your mouth. If you use tobacco when smoking or consuming legal herbs, you're in for a double dose of dry mouth.

There are other, more serious, causes for chronic dry mouth that we suggest discussing with your doctor if symptoms become pervasive. The cottonmouth caused by smoking should never last longer than a few hours after consumption, and shouldn't be severe on its own.

Things Could be Worse!

Cottonmouth isn't dangerous, but it is uncomfortable and can cause bad breath, so be sure to deal with it in a healthy way. Avoid sugary, caffeinated drinks (we know, all the good ones) and keep a pack of gum around to combat cottonmouth before it gets serious. Follow these easy tips to keep cottonmouth from ruining your next session.

How to Get Rid of Cottonmouth From Alcohol

The best way to get rid of alcohol cottonmouth is to suck on a piece of hard candy or chew some gum. Contrary to popular belief, consuming more alcohol is not the answer for curing cottonmouth from alcohol.

How to Get Rid of Cottonmouth from Adderall

Adderall cottonmouth can last hours, however it is not too difficult to treat.  You must drink plenty of water and liquids but not all at once you should try little frequent sips to keep your mouth and throat moistened. Drying out completely makes it difficult to swallow so be sure to keep a water bottle at hand so you can take a sip every few minutes.

Have some tips of your own? Message us on our live chat below, we would love to hear your favorite remedies for getting rid of cottonmouth.

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