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The 7 Best Ways to Package Shatter

The 7 Best Ways to Package Shatter

Making some really good shatter is only half the battle, packaging your shatter is also very important.  We'd like to believe that good shatter speaks for itself, and it does if you could give everyone a sample. However in today's market it is important to stand out on the shelf amongst other extract and shatter companies.

The 7 Best Ways to Package Shatter in 2018:

1. Glass No Neck Jar with Black Lid

Glass No Neck Jar with Black Lid

The glass no neck jar with black lid is taking off as one of the most preferred options and the reason is because of the no neck feature meaning the walls are smooth so nothing gets left behind in the crevices especially under the lid where it is most likely to get stuck and difficult to reach. Your customers will really appreciate this option as they won't have to dig and scrape to get the most of their shatter or concentrates.

2. 1 Gram Glass Container

1 Gram Glass ContainerThe 1 gram glass container is still the most popular option today, it is a nice durable glass jar with a black lid that can easily be branded with a sticker. This option is cheaper than the no neck option and is not as wide which is great when you are packaging thousands, it takes up less space and transports easily without the worry of any of the jars cracking or breaking. The only thing that should shatter is the actual shatter! 

3.  Shatter Envelope with Parchment Paper

Shatter EnvelopeWhile some of the glass jar options look really great, many dab heads will say nothing beats a good old coin envelope and a square of parchment. It's easy to see why so many people prefer this method. For one, there is zero to little waste as you can easily scrape up just about everything that is on the parchment. Secondly, the slim coin envelope keeps the shatter safe inside the parchment and can easily be slipped into your pocket with out the bulk of a glass jar.  This option is great as you just need a nice sticker to seal it and make your brand look official.

4.  Plastic USB Shatter Container

USB Shatter CaseThe plastic usb shatter container is a slim plastic container that is used a lot for memory sticks. This packaging option works great for shatter as you can easily store a rectangle or square of parchment.  The slim design made of plastic is lightweight but locks nicely so it does not open on accident. This is a great way to stand out as it adds some value and not many people are using this option. Another benefit of this packaging solution is that it does not take up much space and weighs significantly less than the glass jar options.  Also these are very easy to store in your pocket. Just slap on a nice sticker and you're in business!

5.  5ml Black Glass Jar

1 Gram Black Glass JarA lot of the top extract companies are choosing the 5ml black glass jar.  This jar is entirely black and looks very high end and durable. This shiny black glass is being picked because it does not allow much light or uv rays so that your terps stay fresh and flavorful. This is also chosen a lot by people who need an opaque jar and many of your customers will certainly appreciate a discreet container. 

6.  5ml Plastic Container

5ml Plastic ContainerThe 5ml plastic container is the cheapest option but still works really great. Depending on the quality of your shatter and what the market wants, this is a great option for the cheaper audience. This packaging solution still looks really great and with a nice sticker it can look incredible and best of all you won't be adding much cost to your final product.  This is probably still the most used option and the super clear container will make your product look great as well. 

7.  Silicone Container

Silicone Container for ShatterSilicone containers definitely have it's pros and cons.  Let's start with the good, the silicone container is virtually ubreakable and provides a non stick surface so there is little to zero waste.  The difficult part of this container is putting a sticker on it. However if you don't have a sticker to put on your packaging then this is still a good way to stand out and add some value to your product. Whether you need opaque containers or a transparent container you can easily find both options in the silicone containers. Best of all you can get just about any color container to match your logo or brand.

Thank you for checking out our post on packaging your shatter and we hope you learned something new.  Please email us if you have some new ways you would like to suggest and be sure to check back every now and then as we will be updating this whenever we get some more packaging solutions.

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