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Best Wax Pen 2019

Best Wax Pen

What is the Best Wax Vape?

As dabbing wax and concentrates become more mainstream, the demand for quality, wax specific units increased. Now the market is oversaturated with products that sometimes don’t live up to their expectations. To help in your journey of finding the best wax pen that will get the job done on the go, we have compiled a list of options we recommend all smokers try.

Yocan Evolve Plus XL





Yocan Evolve Plus XL

Yocan is a staple in the wax pen scene and their Evolve Plus XL is another example of why. This monster wax pen is powered by a huge 1400 mAh battery and features quad quartz coil rods. The interesting thing about the Yocan is that there is no temperature options. Usually that is a negative for concentrate dabbers, but after using this pen - they really take the guesswork out of it for you. Their preset temperature is perfect and you never get too hot to burn your wax. The base of their atomizer allows you to control the airflow so you can take huge rips every time.

EZ Sai Battery and Atomizer

EZ Sai Kit

Sai is well-known for their incredible atomizers and coil options, but previously only powerful mod batteries were capable of operating them. To make their products more compact and sleek, they’ve released the 1050mAh EZ Sai Battery to work with their existing atomizers and coils. Most kits will come with a kanthal coil for use with the wattage setting, and a triple titanium quartz rod coil for use with the three temperature settings - 380°F, 420°F, 460°F. We can’t say enough good things about the Sai, but if the battery isn’t for you, the atomizer is 510 threaded for use with other box mods.

Utillian 5

Utillian 5The Utillian 5 is a giant wax pen. This thick pen comes with a kanthal coil atomizer and a triple titanium atomizer. Offering 4 preset heat settings, the Utillian5 has a larger than normal 1050mAh battery produces thick clouds that will knock even the most veteran smoker down. The lower settings hit hard too while still giving flavor. Its thick body doesn’t get in the way of throwing it in a pocket or bag and the large battery means you can go extra long without charging. It’s a big win for us.

Hypnos Zero

Hypnos ZeroThis small wax pen features a ceramic plate and is an upgrade from their original Hypnos pen. The wickless heating element ensures your concentrate never touches metal, only the ceramic heating chamber. It has 4 temperature settings that have been improved upon from the Hypnos pen. Each has their own color associated and will flash for easy reading. 4 holes that line the upper edge of the chamber for incredible airflow. All of this is packed in a 4 inch vape. Easily slip this into your pocket for discreet transport.

Ares Honey Straw

Ares Honey StrawThe Ares is unlike any of the other wax vaporizers on our list. Featuring a patented ceramic rod atomizer that produces powerful vapor, this vertical vaporizer is encased in a stainless steel shell and has two heat settings, 900 degrees and 1100 degrees. Simply dip the pen into your favorite concentrates while holding the button and inhale. The airflow is great on this pen. While incredibly portable, resembling a pencil, this pen might not be great for public use, but it’s definitely one of the best ones out there.

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