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3 Best Wax Atomizers

3 Best Wax Atomizers

As vaping concentrates continues to increase in popularity, many are making the switch to replaceable coil head atomizers for a more customizable and cost effective vaping experience. These atomizers are an upgrade from the fixed coil atomizers that many of us first started out with when vaping disposable pre-filled cartridges. While these opened the door into vaping, they fell flat after extended use due to their reliability and cost over time.

Though the initial cost of replaceable coil head atomizers are higher, the cost over time is significantly reduced when only the coils need to be replaced. These types of atomizers are user friendly, usually allowing for the coil head to screw in and out for easy swapping, rather than tinkering that’s required for more advanced rebuildable atomizers (blog post on those soon!)

All of these atomizers are 510 threaded meaning they can screw into any 510 battery/box mod that has the power to support it. While the battery/box mod is important and must also be picked out with care, we’re strictly talking atomizers in this article. We’ll take a look at a few of the best replaceable coil head atomizer options available on the market and give our honest opinion of how they perform.

HVT Saionara Top Airflow (Sai TAF) - $38.99 - $47.99

The Saionara, or Sai for short, is probably the most popular replaceable coil head atomizer available on the market. Everywhere you look you’ll see someone suggesting this atomizer, and in our opinion, it deserves the recognition. Here’s why:

This atomizer outperforms its competition and has an impressive selection of coils to choose from for considerable customization. Each have their own personality and you’ll quickly find your favorite. Buckets get a cleaner, more flavorful hit while coils get more clouds and lung-busting hits. The housing is made of either stainless steel or titanium, durable and sturdy if an accidental drop occurs. It’s considered a load as you go device, so be careful not to overfill because leakage can occur if the device isn’t sitting vertically. We use the Sai TAF with a quartz bucket and have to say, it lives up to all the hype. We couldn’t recommend this atomizer more and it even has a lifetime warranty.

MaxVapor Eagle - $22

The Eagle by MaxVapor is pretty comparable to the Sai and their coils can even be used interchangeably. That’s if you don’t want to try the 10 coil options and ceramic cup MaxVapor offers for the device. This atomizer is made of Stainless Steel and a twist ring on the base adjusts airflow. There’s slightly more airflow on this atomizer than the Sai and we find it to be easier to adjust. We love the top cap, and it’s even compatible with the Sai if you would want to use it. The finish is quality and it feels good in your hands. With a lifetime warranty, we definitely recommend you try this atomizer out. Even if you already have the Sai, we still encourage you to try out the Eagle. Maybe some of the interchangeable parts will wow you and become part of your daily set up.

Yocan Evolve Plus - $37.50

If you’re looking for a fool-proof beginner set-up, we’d recommend the Yocan Evolve Plus. This atomizer packs huge rips into a small, pen-like device - and that’s mod included. I said we weren’t going to discuss mods, but the Evolve Plus comes with one. A powerful 1100mAh battery powers this atomizer and it comes standard with 2 dual quartz coils. They also have a ceramic donut coil available if you prefer. I mentioned this as a perfect set up for beginners as there is only one voltage setting. There’s not a lot of room for customization, but if you’re just breaking into concentrates, try out the Evolve Plus.

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