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Best Smoker Clothing and Apparel of 2019

Best Smoker Clothing and Apparel of 2019

When you hear about stoner clothing or leaf fashion, most will picture the leaf socks by Huf and thats about it. Thankfully, today clothing industries have recognized how popular leaf-themed clothing can be and have provided several items that meet creativity and style. For the stoners who proudly wear the leaf, here are some of the most popular items with leaf themed clothing.

Multicolor Leaf Closet Hoodie

Multicolor Leaf Closet Hoodie Image Credit: The Higher Shop

Brought to you by the number one clothing shop, this hoodie is unique and stylish. With its unique and beautiful design, you will make heads turn and you will surely stand out in the crowd. Feel the euphoria of the color green every time you break it out and feel the quality material that makes you look and feel good. Not only will this hoodie compliment your stoner clothing, but it also keeps all of your items discrete with its secret pouches.

Customized Black Nike Sneakers Leaf Print

Customized Black Nike Sneakers Leaf Print Image credit: Banana Fever Customs

This custom made shoes offer all of the reliability of Nike, but offer the creativity of Banana fever. The design covers the toes, heels, and swoosh of the shoe.The beauty of these shoes is that they combine a lifestyle and introduced it to modern brand shoes. Designed to flex, these shoes will make people look twice with the great attention to detail.

Euphoric Leaf Galaxy Bodysuit

Euphoric Leaf Galaxy Bodysuit Image

Get a taste of some intergalactic design with the Galaxy Bodysuit. This body suit is perfect for raves as well as a hot summer day, made with microfiber polyester so you feel the quality material. The quality design of the art in the bodysuit will make you stand out from the crowd in the best way possible. Shop for this body suit at!

Mary Jane Fitted Crop Tank Top Hand Printed Leaf Designs

Mary Jane Fitted Crop Tank Top Hand Printed Leaf Designs

This sleeveless, fitted crop tank top featuring a high neckline and a cropped length. Made of a resilient and stretchy soft cotton spandex fabric. It is hand printed with an original hand drawn design, using water based non-toxic inks. This tank top is not only perfect for the heat but also provides a solid fit and the bright colors make it a fashionable item that matches with anything. Check this tank top out at

Jack & Jones Leaf Boxers

Jack & Jones Leaf Boxers Image Credit:

These comfortable boxers are made from 100% cotton, the breathable woven fabric allows you to go through the day doing activity with full comfort. The elasticated waist allows even more comfortability as it is designed to fit you like a glove. Grab a few pairs of these from the people at

Green Leaf Leaves Black Thong

Green Leaf Leaves Black Thong Image Credit: Rasta Empire

Another piece of undergarments designed for style as well as comfort. Made from 100% cotton, this thong fits like a glove so you wont have to worry about any wedgies or other uncomfortable displeasure. Made for the stoner ladies, this thong is available at

3D Leaf Leaves Smoker Socks

3D Leaf Leaves Smoker Socks Image credit: Stoner Days

Where it all began, one of the top names in stoner clothing, the 3D leaves on these leaf socks were built to give the viewer a visual mind trip. Smoke large with your crew in the next sesh and check them all out tripping on your gear. Style these socks with with any other part of your stoner gear by shopping here at

"Blue Dream" Graphic Tee

"Blue Dream" Graphic Tee Image credit: Greenarbor colthing

This T-shirtis just a small example of all the great graphic t-shirtsGreen Arbor Clothingcan provide. The number one store in stoner clothing, rep your favorite strains with the many intricate designs offered and made from Egyptian cotton and Polyester, making a snug and comfortable shirt. The best part is that every premium cut-and-sew shirt features a Stash Pocket inside that makes a good hiding spot for any discrete items.

Women's Jogging Shorts

Women's Jogging Shorts Image Credit:

Made from the people at Calilogo, these comfy shorts are every stoner’s go to in the wardrobe. Not only do these shorts allow you to move around really easily, they’re stylish.For the stoner girls who get up, throw on their "comfies", pack a bowl, and have a good wake and bake sesh. If you’re more interested in everyday pieces, things you can wear to somewhere like the gym, these shorts can do just that as well.

Diamond Supply Co Diamond Cuts Black Leaf Canvas Shoes

Diamond Supply Co Diamond Cuts Black Leaf Canvas Shoes

Hit the streets with these sweet kicks by Diamond Supply Co. These low profile canvas shoes are creatively designed with leaves and the dynamic Diamond logo n the side. The vulcanized design allows for more foot comfort while the mint cushioned footbed rest your soles on clouds. Like any item by Diamond Supply, these shoes are made with high quality and impressive print quality.

Huf Plant Life Leaves Kush Bucket Hat

Huf Plant Life Leaves Kush Bucket Hat

Created by Huf, the innovative company to start with leaf printed clothing, This bucket hat combines the best of the past and present. The past due to the stylish build of the bucket hat, a hat very popular in the 80's and early 90's that combines the innovative cotton made today and the unique designs of the 21st century. With this hat not only will you start a fashion movement.

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