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Best Glass Pipes Of 2018

Best Glass Pipes Of 2018

Ah, the glass pipe, the most common accessory among smokers due to its discretion and portability. As smoking has become more popular, more and more people purchase these little pipes and in turn we see the glass pipes evolve from the basic long body and short head to well crafted and creative pieces we see today. It seems as though there are glass pipes for any fandom, but here are the best glass pipes of 2019.

Spider Pipe

Although it may look creepy to those who are arachnophobes, the spider pipe provides all the bug crawler fans with exceptional hits and the durable glass provided makes it hard to lose or break. This little pipe packs a punch with every toke, making it one of the best glass pipes in 2018.

Octopus Pipe

Speaking of creatures with eight limbs, this beautifully crafted masterpiece is definitely something to look at. Crafted with extreme detail, the octopus pipe offers an up close look to the creature of the sea and a quality hit with every toke.

Demon Pipe


This one might be a little hard to look at. The demon pipe is a nightmare fueling pipe that withstands the greatest of heat, much like an actual demon from the underground. The yellow, vicious teeth and the super realistic eye make for a great piece and aesthetic.

Devil's Pipe

Speaking of the Underworld, why not smoke a pipe crafted after the lord of the Underworld himself. The Devil's pipe allows you partake in the devil's lettuce with it's traditional spoon design, and deep bowl. Thoughtfully constructed, this piece has a nice gradient color that goes from a dark black to a blood red, and devil's horns and a tail that make it a glass masterpiece.

Molecule Pipe

The molecule pipe has a unique three section design which not only looks cool but serves a great purpose. The middle section eliminates ash and resin from going straight to the mouthpiece and into your mouth. This makes for a much tastier and cleaner hit. Definitely one of the most rare pieces in the industry, the molecule pipe is a guaranteed icebreaker at any given sesh.

Unicorn Pipe

Don't let the cuteness of this little pipe fool you, it packs quite a punch as well as a sturdy and durable base. The unicorn pipe is made to look like a unicorn horn with its bright colors and creative scheme. Although it is not magic like an actual unicorn horn, it will have you flying with its wide bowl that allows for a good amount of herb to be packed into.

Pineapple Pipe

This beautifully crafted pipe offers the tropical feel of the summer with every puff and gives you that summer vibe. The pineapple pipe might be small, but this pipe offers the durability and can become your most loyal smoking accessory.

Beehive Glass Pipe


This piece is is among the most detailed due to its various well crafted details. The beehive pipe offers a great aesthetic, so great you might hear the buzzing of the worker bees that complete the look of this wonderful piece.

Glass Corn Pipe

This throwback piece might make you feel like you're getting ready to solve a mystery with Watson. The corn pipe offers a nostalgic design that was popular among tobacco smokers but with a color scheme of the 21st century. 

Spiral Glass Sherlock Pipe

This piece offers a unique take on the Sherlock pipe by adding these radiant colors and offering a sturdy base to prevent it from ever falling. Although it may look cute, don't let that fool you because this pipe can make a veteran cough out a lung with its flawless rips.

Blue Leopard Pipe

The blue leopard pipe offers the traditional archetype of the long body and a wide and deep spoon. This piece matches any safari themed set up or those with fascination for the big cats.

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