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Best Bongs Under $150

Best Bongs Under $150

The best bongs was a tough list to rank as there are many great options.  We have put together a list of the best bongs at every price point. They get you really smoked out really fast and are sometimes even art pieces. Bongs are investment pieces so you want to make sure you choose the right one, but not break the bank.

When looking into investing a water pipe you want to look for quality, thickness (of glass), downstem, filters (or percs), and functionality. And if you’re looking for something you can display in your room than of course aesthetic appeal is something to look for as well.

A standard high quality glass bong cost between $100 – $500. You could go for a cheaper option likes a acrylic water pipe, or a lower quality glass bong but ultimately you get what you pay for. A $20 bong performs a lot differently than a $400 one. The more you spend the longer your item will last and the better it will perform. But that’s doesn’t necessarily mean you have to buy a $10,000 bong to properly toke up. That’s just ridiculous.

You can get the most bang for your buck, without spending all your bucks. Here are some great choices for bongs under $150.


1. Double Chamber Bong

Standing at 12”, this beast of a bong was meant to fit comfortably in your lap as you enjoy the devil's lettuce. The thick, strong base makes it a great table piece, while the long, slender neck allows for better smoking angles with zero splash. Each of the two chambers houses a large 12-arm percolator, delivering drag-free diffusion and a clean, flavorful hit every time. The turquoise accents only make this bong a thing of beauty when the chambers are full of pure, milky smoke.

2. 9mm Beaker Bong

If you are a fan of beakers then this one will surely impress. Take a look at the crisp edges of the beaker, the perfect symmetry, beautiful lines, and insanely thick joint. Diamond glass has really outdone themselves with this beautiful piece as it satisfies every smoker's needs and makes any sesh enjoyable. The long neck allows you to take the gnarliest rips while preventing backsplash. Add ice to cool down your hits and smoke away.

3. Retro Honeycomb Bong

Not only does this retro bong come  in a sleek, stemless design, but it also features a clear Honeycomb discs placed evenly throughout the body of the tube. Watch as the honeycomb disc percolators filter the smoke that passes through and filters it to give you smooth hits. The silky smooth toke that is really easy on the lungs, but still full of flavor.The reinforced female joint comes with a male clear glass slide bowl. The handle not just meant for easy lifting without burning your fingers, but it also prevents the bowl from accidentally rolling down the table. The rim of the stable round base is colored in a nice mint color. 

4. 10" Beaker Bong By Diamond Glass

This is a 10" Beaker Bong by Diamond Glass, it is very nicely crafted and also features an ice catcher, diffused downstem, and martini bowl. This piece is great for all the beaker fans out there. Very nice glass thickness and tube width and a perfect thick joint as well. Perfect for any smoker, this low maintenance piece is flawlessly crafted with a glass on glass joint giving you a perfect air tight pull.

5. Infinity Bong

The infinity bong is among the most unique bongs on this list.There is a beautiful metallic color around the base and lip. The cool design will also keep water from splashing the top. Comes with a heavy glass slide. This amazing bong really comes to life when you smoke from it. Watch as the water and smoke rises and travels through the bong.

6. Triple Chamber Bong

Despite this bong's common name, the triple chamber bong is anything but simple. Take for example the gem-cut base. It's thick enough to anchor this 22” beast to your table, yet beautifully designed to be easy on the eyes. The mouthpiece is also cut in this design. Toke in real style with 3 full chambers and 3 identical, over-sized tree percolators. You get triple diffusion for the ultimate smoking experience. The tree chamber bong is the ultimate big boy bong, perfectly designed for veterans and smoking connoisseurs. 

7. Double Matrix Water Pipe

When you're itching for the biggest and baddest glass, the Double Matrix Water Pipe is the fix you need. This awe-inspiring piece will tower above the rest of your collection at a full 16” of straight tubing. Two matrix percs hang inside, delivering unbeatable diffusion with dozens of tiny slits. Smoke is filtered through thousands of bubbles for a cleaner, more flavorful experience. Want even cooler smoke? Drop a couple ice cubes over the ice-catcher to take your session to the next level. This is a great party piece for smokers of all levels. Everyone will want a rip from this stunner! 


8. Black Water Gears

The Black Water Gears Water pipe is famous for its excellent air flow. The 4 percs offer amazing filtration and the variable water level accommodates all users. This bong has various water line for more or less filtration and a higher water line for more filtration. The thick and stable base, mouth and stemless tubing are accented in black, giving it a classic design and look.

9. Double Honeycomb Tornado

Don't settle for a lesser pipe when you deserve the best. This piece was designed to give you a premium smoking experience without breaking the bank and delivers on every level. At 16” tall, this bong sits on a wide bottom and is made from 5mm borosilicate glass throughout. It's big and sturdy, but that's only the beginning. Nestled at the bottom of this straight-shot are TWO honeycomb percs followed by a turbine. Impurities don't stand a chance against this level of diffusion. The smoke is filtered to perfection and tastes great coming from this bong. This piece looks great on the table, but it really comes alive when you take a hit. 

10. Moonrock by Diamond Glass

The moonrock is a medium sized straight tube with a trumpet style mouthpiece. The split perc raises the water level when it is bubbling and splits your hit into a million parts before you rip it. The built-in downstem and bubble bowl makes for easy use. This bong keeps the party going.




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