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12 Best Bongs of 2019 for Every Budget

12 Best Bongs of 2019 for Every Budget

Finding a piece that works for both you and your wallet can sometimes be daunting with the countless options offered online. It can be difficult to choose, but here we’ll recommend some of our best priced bongs for any budget.

Best Bongs Under $200

15" Double Tree Perc Bong

double tree perc best bong

Our Double Tree Perc Bong is a double chambered water pipe complete with splash guard and ice catcher. Made of 5mm Borosilicate Glass, this 15” bong has 2 8-arm tree percolator in each chamber that ensures a smooth hit without the worry of a splash back. Each arm has 3 slits and is made with a 44mm tube; slimmer than the standard. One of our best-sellers, it retails on our site right now for $134.50

Triple Chamber Bong

triple chamber best bong

Our next recommendation is our Triple Chamber Bong. Featuring 3 tree percolators, this bong stands at 16” and features a curved neck design for a more relaxed hit. This piece offers triple diffusion with a low drag making the tube able to be cleared quickly. The joint and neck of this bong is made of thick tubing, so if this is a communal piece, or needs to travel, it can take a few bumps. The current price of this bong is $144.00.

Matrix Straight Shot Waterpipe

best bong straight shot

This beautiful 17” bong by Diamond Glass is comprised of 5mm Borosilicate Glass containing a matrix percolator with diagonal gridded design. The thick base make this bong a great, sturdy option if you’re keen to adding extensions to your piece. With an ice catcher placed above the showerhead perc, this bong offers a clean, dry, rip. It retails on our site right now for $168.40

Best Bongs Under $100

12-Inch Triple Honeycomb Bong

triple honeycomb best bong

This affordable bong displays 3 honeycomb percolators inside one foot of 5mm Borosilicate Glass. With no drag or wet lips, this bongs offers affordable, flavorful hits each time. Our favorite part of this bong is the option of switching between the included dry herb bowl, and an optional banger nail for flower or oil. Currently priced at $74.20.

Showerhead Lightbulb Beaker

lightbulb best bong

This bong by Diamond Glass stands at 12” and features a percolation system containing a precision-cut slitted downstem and showerhead that catches ash and other unfavorable debris. This classic beaker is designed for easy cleaning and smooth pull. It retails on our site right now for $88.00.

12" Beaker Bong

boss glass best bong

This standard beaker bong by Boss Glass has an extra wide neck with ice catcher to allow loads of ice for a cool hit. It’s thick design and flared base is balanced and great for easy cleaning. With little upkeep required, this bong is a solid choice. This 5 star bong is priced at $86.40.

Best Mini Bongs

Not everyone has the luxury of keeping a 3 foot bong on their living room table. Some of us require a little more secrecy. The selection below will feature some of the best small bongs we have to offer here at BadassGlass. Great for concealing or transporting, these little bongs get the job done in a discreet way.

Mini Bong with Perc

Buy Mini Bong with Perc

Priced at $80, this 9” flask shaped mini beaker bong is made of thick glass and designed with a widened showerhead percolator for smooth hits. It’s effective without being too heavy or awkward to store.

8" Mini Beaker Bong

pink accent best bong

Another solid pick from Diamond Glass, this small beaker bong will deliver big rips for a low price. At $48, this bong includes a diffused downstem and matching oversized bowl at an affordable price. Great for a beginner bong.

7.5" Honeybee Bong

 hand painted best bong

This hand painted beaker bong retails for $68.35. A fun twist on a classic piece, this pint-sized bong still stings like a bee with every rip. Includes a 14mm Martini Bowl Piece.

Best Cheap Bongs

For our frugal friends, here are a few options that get you the best bong for the price. Not sacrificing, size, quality, or looks, here’s what has caught our eye so far this year, without breaking the bank. 

6 Arm Tree Perc Bong

narrow stem best bong

This 11” narrow necked bong by Boss Glass features a natural splash guard and 6-arm tree percolator with two slits in each arm. Its flared mouthpiece prevents smoke from sneaking out and while you’re pulling, you can watch the smoke travel through the arms. At $88.00, it’s a different, yet affordable bong to have in your collection.

10" Beaker Bong 

10" best bong

Another best bong for your money is this classic beaker by Boss Glass. Listed at $64.20, it’s a super convenient flask shaped bong with a pop of color on the rim and bowl handle.


Showerhead Perc Bubbler

best bong bubbler 

Last but not least is our 8” Showerhead Perc Bubbler. At $54, this is a daily use piece that allows for the flexibility of herb or wax. The thick slits in the perc prevent clogging while a bent neck design grants comfortable hits at a comfortable distance from your lighter or hempwick.

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