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The Best Bong Ash Catchers

What is the Best Ash Catcher to Use?

The best ash catcher really comes down to your preference and existing set up, for a smaller bong you may want to go with a smaller ash catcher that is less heavy.  However, for your huge double chamber bong you may want to go with something more intricate. 

Choosing the right ash catcher size is crucial, the ash catcher should be the same joint size as your bowl piece.  The beaker bongs use the 45 degree ash catcher.  If your water pipe joint sits vertically straight up and down then you will need a 90 degree ash catcher.  

Best Ash Catcher for Beaker Bong

The best ash catcher for beaker bongs is usually something simple not too complex so you can still enjoy clearing the bong. Most beaker bongs will use a 14mm 45 degree ash catcher. Pictured above is a 14mm 45 degree ash catcher by Diamond Glass.

One of our favorite ash catcher for bongs this year is this recycler ash catcher by Diamond Glass. Nothing’s worse than the sight, smell, and taste of a dirty water pipe. Keep your bongs and dab rigs cleaner with the help of this amazing ash catcher. The percolator diffuses smoke for a smoother experience. With each hit, this ash catcher keeps water moving between its chambers, maximizing filtration and eliminating any splash back into the bong.

18mm Recycler Ash Catcher by Diamond

It can’t be labeled the best bong ash catcher if it spills dirty water into your waterpipe. The best thing about a recycler ash catcher is the dirty water does not spill into your bong. The water travels up through the percolator and back down to the bottom for continuous percolation and zero splash back.

The recycler ash catcher by Diamond Glass has an impressive percolating system with flame polished slits that filter smoke. Airflow is moved downward into the Ash Catchers percolator, preserving some of the smoke to be recycled for your next hit, while the rest flows into your smoking device. This feature helps keeps your smoking device clean, and you happy. It’s no reason this is the best ash catcher in the game.

A good ash catcher for your bong is definitely worth it, it will keep it cleaner, add more filtration, and keep you from having to clean your bong as often.  There are many good ash catchers, our favorite percs are the showerhead perc, tree perc, and hammerhead perc.  These all diffuse nicely with minimal splash back.

Best Ash Catcher for Bong

The best 14mm ash catcher for this piece is going to be something minimal with a 90 degree angle. We paired it with this 90 degree ash catcher by Diamond Glass because it is light weight and will be easy for the bong to support.

Classic Showerhead Ash CatcherShowerhead Percolator
 – This perc is great for an ash catcher because of its smooth and even diffusion, minimal drag, and low splash back.


Hammerhead Ash CatcherHammerhead Percolator – The hammerhead perc features slits on both sides of the hammerhead. This design offers very minimal splash back, and a rigorous diffusion.


Moonrock Perc Ash CatcherMoonrock Percolator – This design features a widened stem with multiple holes. This design is extremely effective for catching ash and keeping it out of your waterpipe. It bubbles nicely and stays low, keeping the dirty water from spilling into your piece.

Visit out our ash catchers page for more information on all of our favorite ash catchers.

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