Best 510 Thread Battery for Cartridges

Best 510 Thread Battery for Cartridges

Tired of weak hits? Check out the best 510 thread battery below for cartridges that will give you way bigger clouds. Looking for your next or even your first vape pen for oil cartridges? Look no further. We’ve scoured the market looking for the best 510 thread vape pen battery for oil cartridges available today. Our curated list features something for everyone no matter your budget or high-tech expectations. Below you’ll find the most reliable and durable pens that blow the biggest clouds, all without breaking the bank. Without further ado, here are our choices for the best 510 batteries and vape pens designed for use with oil cartridges.  We tested these to make sure the clouds are good so you can choose the best cartridge battery for your needs.

Here are the best batteries for cartridges:

1. Magic 710


Sleek, stylish and easy to use, the Magic 710 works well as either a travel companion or as your primary vape pen. With dimensions measuring 13.5mm x 28mm x 56.8mm, the Magic 710 is small enough to easily hide, yet big enough that those with large hands don’t struggle to use it.

 The Magic 710 foregoes complicated operation for a simple-to-use pen with just one 3.5V heat setting. The 380mAh battery is draw-activated for a responsive pen that anyone can use. Featuring a 510 threaded connection and M7 magnetic adapter, the Magic 710 is also compatible with a wide range of cartridges. Importantly, the Magic 710 has an incredibly safe battery that uses overcharge protection, over discharge protection, short circuit protection and more to keep your battery working better, longer, safer.

2. Pluto iMini

pluto iMini

When discretion is a priority, the Pluto iMini is an awesome compact vape pen that slips easily in any bag, pocket, or palm. Despite its miniature size, the Pluto iMini packs a powerful punch with a 500mAh battery that produces up to 15W of power and a spacious 1.8ml tank capacity.

The Pluto iMini is great for beginners because there’s no variable voltage setting to worry about and no complicated instructions. Simply preheat thicker oils or dive right in with thinner oils. This vape pen for oil cartridges also fits with universal 510 threading, making it easy to find cartridges that fit. If you want an uncomplicated vape pen that’s easy to conceal and even easier to use, the Pluto iMini is the best choice.

3. CCell Palm 510


Ccell Palm Battery

As the largest vape pen battery for oil cartridges on this list, the CCell Palm 510 also has some of the best features. Calling it large is a big of a misnomer, too. At 42mm x 55mm x 12.8mm, the CCell Palm 510 is true to its name, fitting easily in your palm. Be as discreet or open as you like about using this vape pen.

Due to its larger size, this pen features a large 550mAh battery that lasts over 250 puffs per charge. Hold up to 1ml cartridges, or use a smaller cartridge with one of the included magnetic adapters. Using branded CCell cartridges is recommended but not required. To use the CCell Palm 510, simply inhale and let the advanced battery do its job. Self-adapted optimum temperature technology and a buttonless design take all the guesswork out of vaping oils.

4. LoKey


Lo Key Battery

The folks at LoKey understand that there’s no greater place to hide than out in the open. That’s why they created this super stealthy, ultra-compact vape pen just for your needs. The LoKey vape pen for oil cartridges is designed to look like a laser-cut key component, and, naturally, features a handy keyring. No one will give the LoKey a second glance and you’ll always have smooth, flavorful hit ready for you on the fly.

Since it’s so small, the LoKey features a relatively light 350mAh battery capable of up to 3.7V output. It’s not the most powerful vape pen on the market, but it’s not meant to be your primary pen. Instead, use the LoKey as a portable supplement when it’s not practical to bring your primary vape pen. Priced for any budget and compatible with most 510 cartridges, the LoKey is a welcome addition to any vape pen collection.

5. Slim 510 Variable Voltage Battery


Slim Variable Voltage Battery

Looking to get some serious bang for your buck? The affordable Slim 510 is just that - a super slim vape pen for stylish portable vaping.  This is definitely the best 510 battery for cartridge.  We chose this as the best stick design for 510 thread. This variable voltage battery features a plug in charger and good consistent clouds. With a tiny 0.5ml capacity, this pen is a perfect for quick pick-me-ups during the day or for going to events. Don’t be fooled by its size, however. The Slim 510’s 350mAh battery provides variable voltage settings up to 4.1V. Additionally, the Slim 510 features a preheating function, making it suitable for medium density oils.

One common complaint is that the Slim 510’s auto-off function works at 30 full minutes of inactivity. If you’re forgetful, the small battery may run out of charge. That said, this sturdy vape pen made from stainless steel packs a ton of features for a low price, making it one of the best vape pens for oil cartridges around.


Picking the Right Pen for You

Which pen is right for you? Chances are, any of these pens is a great fit. They all feature excellent batteries, masterfully discreet designs, durable housings, and most importantly, big satisfying draws. If this is your first vape pen for oil cartridges, don’t worry too much about making the wrong decision. Vape pens are cheap and easy to replace if you don’t like your first choice. And you definitely can't go wrong with more than one 510 battery just in case your first battery is not charged you always got a back up.  Thank you for checking out our blog and let us know what your best cartridge battery is. 

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