Quartz Knot for 16mm Coil

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  • Best e-nail banger
  • Does not require a dome
  • Height: 2 inches
  • Made of high grade quartz, can withstand heat without corroding easily.

Quartz Knot for 16mm Coil

Product Description

The quartz knot is an excellent quartz nail, great for use with a torch but even better with an e-nail. This design features a flat top that is easy to cap, but also has a lot of pockets and surface area for maximum vapor production. This nail works really great with the e-nail because the coil wraps around the nail snug and held up firmly at the bottom of the cup.

To maximize your vaporization, we recommend using a carb cap. Maintaining your quartz is simple, after a dab just take a cotton swab and wipe out the bottom for your next clean tasting hit


  • High Grade Quartz - great material for the nail because of its really high melting point allowing it to be heated well beyond the recommended temperature for dabs
  • 4mm Thick - Extra thick walls for added heat retention and to add durability
  • Domeless Design - this nail does not require the use of a dome

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