Purple Recycler Dab Rig by SWRV

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Everything about this piece is magnificent. The purple recycler dab rig features an amazing matrix percolator and fab egg design. The matrix percolator is located in the bottom center, with plenty of space around it, making for quite the      aesthetic. The top row of the matrix perc has less resistance and therefore make the lower holes less likely to pull any smoke through.This creates a perfect pull that is not too airy or too restricted. 

Recycler dab rigs are great because you can bubble the water continuously and watch it spin around without ever climbing up to your loops.  By controlling the water flow, it is funneled back into the percolator. This makes every hit taken with this recycler a smooth and enjoyable hit.

The purple colored accents give this recycler oil rig the perfect touch of color while still having the transparency that you love to smoke out of. You can watch the smoke funnel through the piece and watch the mesmerizing matrix perc do its job of diffusing the smoke. Find out why so many people are adding this rig to their set up!

  • Matrix Percolator diffuses hits and provides an aesthetic
  • The Recycler moves the water through the rig and makes every hit smooth and flavorful
  • Bent neck design keeps the water from ever splashing towards your mouth
  • Height: 9.5 inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm
  • Includes 14mm quartz banger

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