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The micro showerhead oil rig features a wide body design that is sturdy and ideal for every day use. Designed for the clumsiest smokers, this rig is made of thick glass and a sturdy and thick base to prevent it from ever falling. The long, bent neck not only prevents the water from ever splashing in your mouth but also provides you with a comfortable way to smoke. The fritted wide mouthpiece lets you rip smoothly to get every last bit of your hit. 

The showerhead percolator is perfectly slitted for a smooth and controlled hit.This piece uses the showerhead perc in addition to a recycler, which brings the smoke through the chamber several times before inhalation.

The micro showerhead oil rig is perfect for the oil connoisseur who just wants a small rig that can deliver a smooth hit while preserving the taste. The showerhead percolator enhances the diffusion and the bent neck makes it easier for the user to take dabs with. The 14mm oil dome has a nice handle on it so you don't burn your fingers.

  • Diamond Glass Logo, guaranteeing a quality piece with detailed benefits from the mouthpiece to the perc.
  • Showerhead perc, diffusing every hit and giving you the smooth and flavorful ones with every hit
  • Sturdy base, prevents even the clumsiest smokers from ever dropping or breaking it.
  • Height: 7 inches
  • Joint size : 14mm
  • Includes: glass nail, and dome.

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