Blazed Ape NFT Bong


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Inspired from all the Ape NFTS we bring you the Blazed Ape bong.  Besides, who needs an NFT when you can get the real thing.   

This rig feels like it was made for your hand with its attractive shape and well-balanced weight. Enjoy both FREE shipping and our 100% money back guarantee on this understated piece.

  • Slyme Green Accents
  • Three-hole diffy
  • Height: 10 inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm Female
  • Base Diameter: 4"
  • Includes: 14mm Quartz Cup and Bowl
  • Made by SWRV


    • Flared Mouthpiece - The mouthpiece is flared outwards to conform better to your lips and create a nice air tight seal that is comfortable and easy to use.

    • Showerhead Percolator - Wide slit showerhead percolator for easy cleaning and good filtration
    • Polished Joint - Instead of having the rough ground glass joint, this joint has been polished so that your nail or bowl piece will glide smoothly without getting stuck in the joint.
    • Banger Hanger Design - his rig features a banger hanger design which is essentially an upright female joint that is designed to be used with a quartz banger. Banger hangers have become very popular due to their simple yet effective design.

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