5.5" Fab Egg Dab Rig

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Add some art to your rig collection with this gorgeous Fab Egg dab rig by Glob Squad. Though these aren't jewel encrusted, the hit is luxurious. The Faberge design features a spherical chamber containing swiss perc style walls and a hollow center that holds a showerhead percolator complete with 8 precision slits for maximum diffusion.

This piece was designed to fit easily in your hand, featuring dimpled glass that creates a mesmerizing display of bubbles every pull. The bent neck will keep the heat from your face and the flared mouthpiece conforms better to your lips to create a nice air tight seal.


    • Height: 5.5" Inches
    • Glass Thickness: 4mm Borosilicate Glass
    • Joint Size: 14mm Female
    • Includes: 14mm Quartz Banger

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