Double Gears Waterpipe By Diamond Glass


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This awesome bong runs like a well-oiled machine, kicking out thousands of smooth, even bubbles from nine individual gear percolators. These symmetrical, well-placed percs deliver unbeatable diffusion for cooler, smoother, more flavorful smoke. Clear monster rips that fill all 14” of this bong without choking on harsh smoke.

The Double Gears Waterpipe is made from thick 5mm borosilicate glass and uses wide tubing for extra durability. You'll also love the thick, heavy base that keeps this intricate piece anchored to the table when you're not using it. Ready to try this beauty out for yourself? We'll send your order out with FREE, discrete shipping. We promise this piece will blow you away or your money back.


  • Nine total gear percolators maximize smoke's surface area for maximum diffusion
  • A wide base, chunky tubing, and thick glass make this bong super durable
  • Height: 14 Inches
  • Joint Size: 18mm Female
  • Includes: 18mm Matching Male Bowl

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