Banger Hanger Recycler by Diamond Glass

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This Banger Hanger Recycler by Diamond Glass is the perfect flavor saving dab rig. As the name implies, this piece features a banger hanger rig design, which is essentially an upright female joint that is made to be used with a quartz banger, combined with recycling functionality that sends the water back through the percolator without splashing up.

Vapor begins its journey down the 3-hole diffused stem into the base where it's carried through tubes to two more chambers before reaching the mouthpiece. Despite this dab rig's compact size, all the extra tubing and chambers maximize surface area, cooling the smoke before it reaches your lungs. That makes for a big, smooth hit from a deceptively small piece.


  • Available in Teal, Space Gray, and Pink. 
  • Height: 5 inches
  • Joint Size: 14mm female
  • Includes: 14mm quartz banger


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