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Chris M (Germantown, MD)

Can I just say that after hours of searching I finally found an online shop that isn't a scam. I am pleased to say that I just received my new Piece today and its amazing! Better than expected and its actually a lot bigger than I thought it would be which is a good thing. I will defiantly be recommending to friends and I will def be using this site again for my own use. THANK YOU BAD ASS GLASS!

Alizee L (Denver, CO)

I just ordered on their website, and within 3 minutes I got a call from one of their representatives confirming my order and shipping method. And he pronounced my name right! Never in my life has this happened with ANY company. I think these guys are serious about their business, and I would definitely highly recommend them!

Diego M (Corona, CA)

One Im favorite glass places to buy glass from. I try to purchase from them at least twice a month . They make it very easy to purchase glass. One of the best varieties of glass and products, includes friendly service. They always call or even text to make sure they got everything for you or information pertaining to their products. Thank you!

Paul P (Rochester, NY)

I ordered an accessory online from this store, selected regular shipping, and it got to NY in 5 days. This was unbelievable. A month later, my product had a defect. I wrote them an angry Facebook message and almost instantly they called my cell phone CONFIRMING SHIPMENT of a replacement. The best customer service I've ever received.

Kacie G (Ottawa, IL)

I recently ordered a piece from Badass Glass and I recieved it right when i was supposed to and it turned out to be even better than i expected. I recieved it 1 week ago and today it chipped where the nail rests. I emailed them and explained it broke and they emailed me right away and are going to send me a replacement. It is the best customer service i have ever had and i will definitely be buying from you guys in the future. Thank you and i would recommend Badass Glass to anyone.

Chris M (Cleveland Park, DC)

I was nervous at first about ordering glass online, but decided to go for it and found Badassglass. I've been lazy and put off this review but I had to write one because these guys deserve it. I placed my order Friday afternoon, 10 minutes later I received a text and email confirming my order and on Monday received my package in perfect condition with everything I ordered(which was days earlier than I expected) The glass is exactly what was listed and I'm more than happy with my purchase