Goosebumps Banger Hanger by SWRV

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This homage to the 90s cultural phenomena Goosebumps promises to send a shiver down the spine of everyone it meets. Even if you're not a nostalgic 90s kid, this two-toned piece has plenty to offer with striking purple and green accents and dripping honeycomb pendant.

Percolation comes courtesy of a simple and easy-to-clean diffused downstem. This low-drag rig delivers with a satisfying chug while it cools and filters smoke. The curved mouthpiece keeps your mouth dry even for the biggest rips, allowing you to really test the limits of this compact 8” rig.

So what are you afraid of? The Goosebumps Banger Hanger makes a great gift for yourself or a friend, so order today to get FREE, fast, discreet shipping and our 100% money back guarantee.

Height:  8 inches
Joint Size:  14mm

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