Silicone Hybrid Beaker Bong


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Finally, the best of both worlds! This hybrid bong combines the best of silicone and acrylic to bring you the ultimate smoking device. Made in four separate pieces, this bong includes the base, the perc, the mouthpiece, and a matching glass bowl piece. This hybrid bong has incredible diffusion that fills the base with bubbles.

Since the Silicone Hybrid Bong is so moddable, it’s also dead simple to clean. Just break it down, wash the pieces individually, and put it back together with a snap. This is especially handy for cleaning the perc, since these are notoriously difficult to reach. Now you can submerge the whole piece in a bong cleaning solution of your choice for no-fuss maintenance. Order yours today to experience this awesome pipe for yourself. You’ll love the comfortable, textured grip, moddable size, sturdy base, and fat bowl piece. 


  • Height: 15 Inches
  • Includes: Silicone Downstem and 14mm Male Bowl

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