Terp Pearls With Spinning Carb Cap


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Terp Pearls, or Dab Pearls, are one of the latest dabbing accessories to explode for their effectiveness in dispersing oil around your banger. The Terp Pearls with spinning carb cap fit together so that the airflow will create a vortex inside the banger. The vortex will spin your banger beads around the bottom of the banger allowing more oil distribution, and making for more robust hits. No need to manually pick up and spin/adjust the carb cap to redirect airflow in order to achieve a thorough vaporization. 

The terp pearl banger we include is a very nice flat top quartz banger with a 5mm thick bottom to retain heat for a long time. The spinner carb is checked for function so you can see the tornado. 


  • Joint Size: 14mm & 18mm Male & Female
  • Joint Angle: 90 Degrees
  • Includes: 1 Quartz Flat Top Banger, 1 Spinner Carb Cap, & 2 Terp Pearls

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