Gas Mask Bong - Black

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  • Real gas mask with bong attachment
  • Durable acrylic bong included
  • Easy to detach and clean
  • Height: 12”

  • Original Gas Mask Bong - Black

    The Gas Mask Bong is more than a novelty and belongs on every stoner's shelf. The adjustable mask fits almost anyone comfortably and securely attaches to an acrylic bong. Thanks to a perfect seal, you can rip straight from inside the mask with no loss of suction. Ventilation holes at the bottom of the mask allow you to exhale without lifting the mask. This is definitely a classic, and is always fun to bring out at parties or whenever the squad is together. Instead of hotboxing the entire room, now you can hotbox just your face! This technology is revolutionary and stoners everywhere will rejoice, so get one for you and your friends today. This durable gas mask bong is made to last with it's tough acryclic waterpipe and flexible silicone mask.

    The cool thing about this gas mask is that it is an actual civilian gas mask used in Israel and other countries in case of a chemical or nuclear attack. So get yourself a gas mask bong and stay clear of any unwanted chemicals, and only breathe the ones you want. This item also doubles as a halloween costume so you'll be saving a ton of money!

    Perfect for dares, challenges, or just to smoke out of something fun for a change. This durable gas mask bong is designed to last you many years. The acrylic water pipe is nice and sturdy but also very easy to replace if you ever want a different color or if you accidentally run it over or something. The gas mask can be handled by the clumsiest and roughest friends you have. You're going to love having this piece around, no matter how lit your friends get at least they won't break your bong.


    • Durable acrylic bong attaches firmly to the mask
    • Ventilation holes
    • Straps to keep it as loose or tight as you like
    • Detaches easy for filling and packing a new bowl

    Be the life of the party with one of the coolest bongs of all time. See why everyone loves the original gas mask bong, it is definitely a classic and one that never gets old. The bong on this mask is a thing of beauty, well beyond the standards of other acrylic bongs you may have used. It's smooth, glossy, and light, featuring a removable rubber bottom for easy cleaning. The reservoir has been specially design, too. It's aligned perfectly with the downstem so you don't have to overfill for a good hit. This will be the best gas mask bong you've ever smoked from, and at this price you can't afford not to try it for yourself! Order today to get FREE 3-day shipping that respects your privacy. It's also covered by our 100% money back guarantee.

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