High Hemp Organic Wraps are Here

See why everyone loves high hemp wraps so much, these are some of the most popular hemp rolling papers.  These CBD wraps are ideal for any time of day and are becoming the most popular choice for anyone who uses wraps. For a wrap they burn very smooth very light tasting allowing you to taste your tobacco or herb much better.  Whether you are a die hard blunt master or an avid joint smoker, you will appreciate the smoothness of this wrap.  Easy to roll and fun to smoke, these organic wraps are non GMO.

High Hemp Wraps come in 6 flavors:

  • Maui Mango
  • Honey Pot Swirl
  • Grape Ape
  • Hydro Lemonade
  • Blazin' Cherry
  • Original

High Hemp CBD Wraps are the best Vegan Wraps

I'm sure you've heard all the buzz around these new vegan wraps.  High Hemp has produced what might possibly be the best blunt wraps on the market.  See why thousands of people reorder these organic high hemp papers.  


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  • High Hemp Mango Wraps - Maui Mango

    Mango High Hemp Wraps The mango high hemp wraps are organic, light tasting, and smooth burning.  You already know how great the High Hemp Wraps are, but wait until you try the...
  • High Hemp Honey Wraps - Honey Pot Swirl

    Honey High Hemp Wraps The honey high hemp wraps are the newest flavor from the high hemp company. This flavor is really great because its light and goes great with just...
  • Organic High Hemp Wraps - Original Flavor

    High Hemp Wraps - Original Flavor  The high hemp wraps feature organic hemp, the result is a smooth burn that is light on your throat and allows you to taste...
  • Grape High Hemp Wraps - Grape Ape Flavor

    Grape High Hemp Wraps Try the high hemp grape wraps today for a smooth and delightful experience.  These organic hemp wraps are becoming the newly preferred wrap.  See what all...
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