Whether you run a business or you want to proudly display your product, there is no better options for concentrate packaging than here at badassglass.com. From envelopes to the little black glass jar, we have a variety of products to store your oil, wax, or joints. Designed for its discreetness and privacy (odor free), these packaging options are unmatched due to the quality and affordable prices.
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  • Concentrate Envelope

     These chemical free shatter envelopes are perfect for storing concentrates. The little sealing flap is pre gummed making it easy to seal and will stay shut. The small packaging allows...
  • 1 Gram Glass Container with Black Lid

    The 1 gram glass container offers the best way of containing your has, oil, or concentrates due to the durable glass and the small discrete stature. These containers are perfect...
    From $30.00
  • Glass Joint Tube

    The glass joint tube incorporates sturdiness and sleekness to protect your beloved joint. The screw top cap is threaded to create an air tight seal to maintain freshness and increase security of...
  • 7ml No Neck Glass Jar

    Keep all of your oils, waxes, and shatters neatly contained with this 7ml no neck glass jar. Capable of accommodating a vast amount of concentrates, these dab containers keep your...
  • Preroll Joint Tube

    Pre-Roll Tubes are an easy, convenient, and safe solution for packaging pre-rolls. Our pre-roll tubes are made from recyclable plastic as well as a tight seal for enhanced freshness. Not only...
  • 5ml Black Glass Jar

    These 5ml black glass jars are perfect for concentrates are the most sound choice for extract packaging. The thick glass and screw top lid with poly liner makes this container discreet and...
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