Weed is beautiful! If you look at it really closely and see all of its texture and colors you truly realize how amazing this plant is. If you’ve never taken a picture of your bud, I suggest you whip out the HD setting on your phone and give it a try to see all it’s amazing details.

Instagram is a great to share and see photos of beautiful bud, beautiful glass, beautiful girls and of course more. The cannabis Instagram community aka ‘weed-stagram’ is actually a very close and collaborative online community full of people of walks of like who just have a passion for the industry and the plant. Many companies and individuals who share that passion through their Instagram photos. And often times a photo will lead to a collaboration or a connection or even a job.

Check out all of these cannabis related Instagram pages for some of the dopest and dankest pictures online right now.



The infamous “Fuck I quit” news reporter from Alaska, Charlo Green did really quit her day to become a full time cannabis entrepreneur. She now is the host of ‘The Weed Show” and works with the Minority Cannabis Industry Association. Her Instagram page feature her beautiful self, along with her show’s weekly guest and of course really cool pictures of her favorite strain of the week.


This well know glass company know how to take some beautiful shots of some of their best pieces. Their Instagram is so uniform and consistent in aesthetic it’s oddly satisfying scrolling down their page.

Image Credit: Instagram.com/gravlabs


This man is a platinum selling artist, has his own weed strain (Khalifa Kush), rolling papers, and is close friends with Snoop Dogg. Need we really say more?

Image Credit: Instagram


California based marijuana manufacturer and grow company, Northern Emeralds makes some of the best bud on the market right now. They are a winner of several cannabis cups and you’ll see why just looking at the pictures of some of the strains they grow. Their high definition close of shots of their bud are simply breath taking.


Dr. Dina is the real like Nancy Botwin, no for real! The character Nancy Botwin from HBO’s hit show ‘Weeds’ was based on Dr. Dina! She opened the first medical dispensary every in LA, and has been a personal “weed doctor” to celebs like Snoop Dog, The Game, Method Man, Lil Debbie, 2Chainz, and many more. Her Instagram is full of all her adventures.

Image Credit: Instagram.com/Drdina420


Of course we had to include the oh some famous High Times Magazine. Their Instagram is equally as entertaining at their print mag. They include photos from all of their cannabis cups, hilarious weed memes, and photos of the newest and coolest technology in the industry.


This is another popular growing company, they have create some staple California staple strains. They also now have a delivery service in the So Cal area. They have some super high quality up close bud photos that are so clear and crisp you can almost smell it through the screen.

Image Credit: Instagram.com/Bennysfarm


High Tech Glass is one of my personal favorite glass brands, and for good reason they create unique glass pieces unlike anything on the market. Their trap tubes, fully detailed macro bangers, and more are just beautifully made. You can find High Tech Glass pieces on our site as well.


Of course we had to shameless plug our Instagram page as well. However, we do actually constantly post new glass arrivals and a bunch of our glass inventory on our page. We also often host giveaways exclusively on Instagram, so give us a follow if you don’t wan to miss out on possibly winning some free glass.


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