Vaping vs. Smoking Weed

Vaporizing marijuana? Is that a good idea? Is it safe? Will I still get high using a vaporizer? These are all probably questions you have had if you have ever looked into purchasing or using a vape pen. Vaporizing weed is just another easy way to medicate. However, smoking from a vaporizer versus smoking for a blunt, joint, pipe, or bong is a lot more discreet and healthier on the lungs.

“Vaporizing is a common technique for consuming marijuana, while at the same time negating many irritating respiratory toxins that exists within the grown marijuana flower and are released when smoked,” according to “Conversely, vaporizing allows one to get at all of the psychoactive ingredients available within that specific strain of marijuana , minus the combustion that ordinarily takes place during consumption”.

Although cannabis is known to do more good than harm to the body, inhaling any type of smoke will have an affect on the respiratory system. Cannabis involving burning carcinogens and tar, just as a cigar would.We have all experienced a coughing fit from a hit from a bong or blunt, its pretty painful. For someone that may be dealing with lung health issues or has really bad allergies, medicating can be quite a challenge.

Vaporizing is the solution to “coughing fits” and “lung burn”. Yes it is safe, and yes it will still get you high. Actually it will get you veryhigh very quickly. That is because you’re absorbing 95% more of the THC of the flower or concentrate within the first few inhales. Also because you’re not burning or wasting as much weed as you would with a joint. This is overall why vaporing cannabis is healthier for you.

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Choosing to vaporize your weed can also save you money as well. Most vape pens range from $35 to $150, depending on the brand and style. There are even Swarovski crystal stainless steel vaporizing pens, if you’re looking for something a little more luxurious. But if you decide to not get a crystal covered pen, most of them are very discrete and great for smoking on the go or in public. They don’t release too much of a weed-y smell and some even look like a e-cig.

There are more benefits to vaporizing vs. traditional smoking, but overall it’s a healthier way to consuming cannabis. If you are looking into purchasing a vaporizing pen we sell a dry herb pen and a concentrate pen on our site, click here to check them out.

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