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Themed Bongs to Help Get Over the Summer Blues

Themed Bongs to Help Get Over the Summer Blues

These themed bongs will bring you summer nostalgia for the entire year. Summer 2018 is quickly approaching its end, along with the memories, the weather, and the freedom that summer brings. Many are heading back to school, while others have to get back to reality and embrace the coming months. For smokers, a way of coping with the summer blues is to spark up with friends and enjoy at least a few minutes of peace. For the added relief and relaxation to enjoy a summer day in the fall, here are some of our top smoking accessories to get over the summer blues.

Pineapple-Themed Dab Rig By Empire Glassworks

The pineapple dab rig by Empire Glassworks is perfect to enjoy on a chill day by the pool. The beautiful pineapple base and the designed fruits only make your mouth water at the tropical feel of the rig. Not only does it serve the looks, but it works amazingly as well, the 14mm bowl provides a hollow place to slurp your dabs. Complete with a straw-like mouthpiece, slurping is even easier.

Under The Sea Dab Rig 

All the ocean lovers will love this one. Featuring a handful of ocean critters, carved beautifully from borosilicate glass, this rig will be the talk of the town. A rare perc that resembles an ocean floor and the chamber that features a colorful octopus. The flared mouthpiece only makes it more enjoyable to smoke and prevents backsplash. Enjoy this under the seas oil rig with your wax and you'll never want another rig again. You will definitely feel like scuba diving after smoking out of this wonderful rig.

School Of Fish Hand pipe 

This colorfully detailed hand pipe is really cool. It has a variety of colors throughout its body that look like a swimming school of fish. The vibrant colors not only represent the colors of the summer but the hand pipe itself is beautifully crafted and the bowl is nice and deep so you can pack it nice and tight. The hand pipe is also discreet, so take it with you when you go to concerts or the beach.

Infinity Glass Bong

Our Infinity Glass Bong stands about 13 inches tall. There is a beautiful metallic color around the base and lip. The cool design will also keep water from splashing the top. Comes with a heavy glass slide. This amazing bong features a very unique design that really comes to life when you smoke from it. This bong is perfect for chilling by the pool and having a good sesh on a nice summer night.

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