Since last time I reviewed an indica dominant strange, I felt like it would be a good transition to talk about a sativa dominant strain. The difference between sativa and indica strains is pretty simple. Simply put indica strains are “downers” and sativa are “lifters”. I usually like to stick with strains that are somewhat in the middle (hybrids). So when my favorite dispensary in Orange County, Organix Wellness Center, suggested I try chocolope I decided to give it a try. They usually never steer me wrong and once again they didn’t.

Chocolope is a mix of chocolate thai (sativa) and cannalope haze (sativa) . Because it is a super sativa it’s a great choice for those with depression or fatigue. This also great for patients with severe pain, although it won’t provide a bunch of pain relief it will help you get out of a bed and move around.

My first impression of chocolope was that it smelled likes a chocolate drizzled mocha frappcino. I was super excited and I hadn’t even smoked it yet. This is one of those strains that is perfect for the colder months because the smell and taste makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But you will not want to Netflix and chill after smoking this one.

I smoked this before going to bed, big mistake, but I’m glad I did it because I learned how my body reacts to it before trying it another setting. I tend to like to try a new strain in the comfort of my home by myself because I like to see how it works (highly suggested). So the next time I smoked chocolope was before a hike and the experience was so much better. Usually half way through a hike I’m really tired and want to turn around but with the addition of chocolope I hiked for longer. I tried it again before an indoor workout and before a night out and it had the same energizing effects in both settings.

Like stated earlier this a sativa dominant strain so this is perfect for being productive and proactive. As for taste and flavor it taste exactly how it smells, like chocolate or coffee. I really enjoyed smoking this with a honey flavored backwoods because it somewhat enhanced the flavor. This would probably taste really good with the milk chocolate flavored juicy jay rolling papers or the infamous chicken & waffles blunt wrappers.

Even though sativa dominant strains are usually suggested for patients with anxiety, such as myself, I didn’t have much of a negative experience with it. Overall I give chocolope at 8 out 10.

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