Smoking Games Perfect for a 420 Party

Fun Smoking Games and Challenges to Try During Your Next Sesh

Here are our favorite smoking games that are perfect for a party or just to spice up the session. All around the world there are popular drinking games. Drinking games are so popular and even part of some places culture. Why can’t the same apply for “smoking games”? Now with more and more states legalizing cannabis, it’s slowly becoming as acceptable and party friendly as alcohol.

Social smoking is common and somewhat encouraged in the cannabis industry. Many people throw cannabis parties, picnics, and shindigs to enjoy good bud and good friends all in one setting. If you’re interested in throwing a cannabis party instead of just sitting in a circle and smoking, add some fun activities and games to your event.

Adding smoking games to your party will allow everyone to get to know each other more, be more social/talkative, and of course get all your guest really stoned. Here are some 420 friendly game ideas you should try.

1. Blunt/Joint Rolling Competition 

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Everyone has that friend that swears up and down they can roll the best and fattest blunt or joint. Put that to this test with this friendly competitive stoner gamer. Lay out all the materials you would need to roll – grinder, papers/wraps, ect. You can set a time they have to complete rolling by to make it even more competitive or let them take their time, host’s choice. In the end whoever rolls the neatest and most smokeable joint or blunt is the winner.

2. Most Creative Munchies 


Some of your best food ideas come from when you’re high, turn that into a stoner game as well! This games is great for a small group party or for an medicated dinner party. Buy a bunch of random (but tasty) ingredients that would challenge your guests culinary creativity. Give them 30 minutes to create a snack or dish, of course after smoking. Whoever comes up with the most delicious or most creative dish wins!

Weed Jenga – If you’ve ever played drinking jenga this is pretty much the same thing but with cannabis. Get a regular set of jenga blocks and on every other block write an action related to smoking such as – “Take a dab”, “Blow O’s”, “Skip the blunt”, “30 second inhale”. The person that pulls that block has to do the action listed, if it’s blank they do nothing. This goes on until someone knocks it over. There’s no winners or losers just a fun way to get stoned with friends.

The great thing about smoking games/stoner games is that you can get as creative as you want. And of course consume responsibly, as you would with alcohol.

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