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Smoking Games to Try With Friends

Smoking Games to Try With Friends

There’s never a bad time to have fun with your friends, and nothing makes the good times better like a little bit of herb. Gather your bud and your buds and settle in for a night of red eyed joy with our list of smoking games to try when you’re high. You always hear of drinking games - beer pong, flip cup, quarters, but how often do you hear about smoking games?

As herb becomes more common, more folks are socially smoking. This means more dinner parties, picnics, and really just anything to bring together good herb and good friends. Whether you’re looking for games to get you high, a little friendly competition, or just trying to have a laugh, we’ve got you covered. Our only advice is that you don’t start something that you can’t finish, and of course consume responsibly, as you would with alcohol. 

  1. Blunt/Joint Rolling Competition

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There’s always someone who claims to roll the best so put them to this test with this friendly competitive smoking game. Lay out all the materials you would need to roll – grinder, papers/blunt wraps, ect, start the timer, and watch them go. Whoever has the fattest, most well made blunt wins, but really, everybody wins when you light it up everyone's blunts.

  1. Most Creative Munchies 

Some of our best culinary creations are made when we’re high, so why not put your palate to the test. With a stocked kitchen, invite your friends over for a night of debauchery where you try your hardest to create the best munchie food. Don’t forget the plating. Alternatively, if you have the required materials, you can infuse your culinary masterpieces for even more fun.

  1. Smoking Jenga

If you’ve ever played drinking jenga this is pretty much the same thing but with smoking. Get a regular set of jenga blocks and on every other block write an action related to smoking such as – “Take a dab”, “Blow O’s”, “Skip the blunt”, “30 second inhale”. The person that pulls that block has to do the action listed, if it’s blank they do nothing. This goes on until someone knocks it over. There’s no winners or losers, just a fun way to smoke with friends.

  1. Never Have I Ever

This is the game to play when you want to learn about your friends as well as get real high. Start by holding up your hand. These are your 5 lives. Start the game by the first person stating something they’ve never done before. If you or anybody else has done what they haven’t, you smoke, and put a finger down. You continue this in a circle until someone has lost all their lives and they lose, but hey, you’re the highest in the room.

  1. Face Off or Straight Face

If you’re so high that some games seem a little too complicated, this is the perfect game. Just look into the eyes of your opponent and whoever cracks a smile first loses. Winner takes a hit and you go again, but now the last round winner is higher, and much more likely to break first. A few rounds of this and you’ll both end up in a fit of laughter.

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